US Political Polls? Real Fake?

I have been watching the RCP average between Trump and Biden. The numbers seem to be the same as in 2016 between Trump and Clinton. What gives?

The polls are the polls

When people randomly selected refuse to answer or chose to provide a dishonest answer how good are the results

Polls are a snapshot in time good for the instant taken. The can be used on a limited basis to establish a pattern

Food for thought:
Trump is ahead of where he was Oct 21, 2016 in 6 battle ground states today and running behind in 2. (.2% in Ohio, 1.3% in Arizona)

If the same deviation applies as existed from Oct 21, 2016 to the election, Trump wins every single one of these states, only ONE of those states would net him a win of less than 2.2%. Now, I’m not suggesting the deviation will be the same but I am suggesting those people calling this race for Biden are idiots.

Who conducts the polls?
The same people who run the mainstream media.
If you believe their numbers, you might as well believe in the tooth fairies and holohoax.

Factors involving polls
Questions asked
Bias of the person asking the question
Which areas of the country were surveyed
Did the person lie
Landline vs cell phone and percentages
Time of day polled

Yup. Just amazing to me that people are buying into the polls again after they were so blatantly wrong last time. Think about that, the final poll before the election showed Trump winning MIssouri by 11.8%. He won it by 18.5%. It showed him winning Ohio by .4% and he won by 8.1%. This on polls that claimed 3% margin of error. Looks eerily similar with today’s polls and the gap, just like last time, is closing. How far off will they be the day before the election is the question?

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Oh, the polls are very much real and Trump is going to lose…BIGLY!

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The only polls that matter are battleground districts in battleground states. Those are the places where all the ad money is spent

Yes…and all of the places where Trump is losing. BIGLY!

The polls like always are for the faithful

Everyone else strictly entertainment

You really should preface your comment with


Who the hell cares about New York, Washington DC and California?

Someone is obviously drinking too much kook aid, a pattern that shows up every election cycle. There is going to be some wicked hang overs on the 4th.