US-Mexico border: 'Longest ever' smuggling tunnel discovered

I am always surprised that with the greatest and most sophisticated surveillance equipment available to the government that such a tunnel could be constructed in such secrecy. .

LOL, why bother with a tunnel when you can walk across the border unimpeded by Law???


YA lets spend a TRILLION DOLLARS building walls everywhere…AND THEY STILL JUST DIG A HOLE UNDER IT…that’s how the repibliCONS prove themselves to be idiots every day of the year…dumb and dumber line up with your kind the R PARTY…

Mexico paid for those walls Trump built, remember…snicker

They did… you don’t know how much immigration cost us huh

So you advocate doing nothing.

Spoken like a true monte

Snicker while you fork over 160 billion a year taking care of Mexico and Central Americas excess population and they return little to the American people.

Adding to the labor pool causing stagnating wags higher healthcare costs.