US Marines getting ready for coup d'etat, if Dems

Now that they have a permission to deploy inside the US, they will stage a coup in support of Trump, in case Dems really impeach him or stage a foul play.

The left today are a bunch of satanists backed by the international banksters. It is the forces in the US who are aware of the situation and came up with a candidate in 2016 to reverse to trend. Trump.

Good thing you put this in the conspiracy forum…

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Before someone starts yelling it belongs in the conspiracy

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Well it’s very clear who was probed by that alien spaceship ! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Aliens, they’ve conquered the mysteries of the universe but are still assholes and jerks … so they really aren’t trying to learn anything as they strap you into their Probe-a-matic, they’re just being who that are.

Democrats have votes to impeach him in House, says Trump.

If they do…

What??? Please explain that commentary.

What it means is that a civil war is closer at hand than you might imagine.
(That’s why the Dems are keen on taking guns away from patriots. Take a guess which side the Marines will be on.)

MARINES - God, Country, Corps. As the military stands today, it is mostly a secular, apolitical service which makes great effort of accommodating each individual’s rights and abilities to believe and practice as they wish, but without patroning any one belief system.