US invades Romania --- by mistake

US troops ran a tank, a Humvee and a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle through defenseless fields of wheat, sunflower and corn in Stelnica, a village on the Danube southeast of Bucharest. Thursday’s agricultural onslaught seriously startled the locals, some of whom managed to capture the incident on camera.

How many wars are going to be started by mistake, I wonder

More Russian propaganda from RT…:rofl:

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They didn’t “invade” anything.

You’re peddling Putin Propaganda again.

No shit, it’s not like Romania isn’t a NATO Ally.

They’d love us to base a few thousand US troops there.

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How many new butter bars you been out with who missed an objective? … especially at night…

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The Louie probably ran out of batteries and couldn’t read a hard copy map.

How is it an invasion if all of Europe is essentially borderless now thanks to the EU?

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The invasion was a success, in ruining some farmer’s crops

Our military pays through the nose for damages done in foreign countries due to military exercises. It is rumored that several land owners in Germany have become millionaires from such payments.

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Lol …invasion …

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