US Indicts Venezuela’s Maduro on Narcoterrorism Charge

This while the world is catching fire, was a bit of news most might have missed. It looks like Maduro’s days are number. Noriega déjà vu?

Maduro hid millions in bitcoin

Trish Regan was working the Venezuela story hard over the winter. One wonders if she was put on ice by Fox to protect her from possible narco terrorists.

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Perhaps, he has been on the Silk Road site on the dark web too much. Lol

That is no joke. Chinese nationals have infiltrated in South America for very Long time along with Russians. The US should have invested a long time ago in South America starting with not giving away the Panama Canal. That last part is the most fked up thing we ever did by selling it to the Chinese.

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I seriously doubt it, but it’s possible. Who knows what the real reason and motives are behind the decision to remove her.

LOL imagine being the AG of House of Windsor asset knighted Sir George Bush who setup all of the drug smuggling into the US to finance covert operations at the CIA and then charging a guy whose country has been destroyed by those waging economic warfare against Venezuela for taking control of the drug trafficking setup by Sir George Bush. Out government is a joke. The same evil bastards that looted Venezuela and are destroying the US from within are doing so in the EXACT same way Venezuela was destroyed.

You don’t need to tell me, my father was killed by Pablo Escobar working for the DEA, and my entire family got fucked over by the US government in trying to find answers even to this day. It’s why I became a lawyer.


Really sorry to hear about your dad.

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Thanks. It happened a long time ago as Time does heal but not forgotten.

It’s disgusting what our government did down there. Nippalescage is absolutely right. In hindsight I often question what Reagan knew or if he was that aloof to not know what the right hand was doing at the time. Then again he also was hoodwinked in deregulation of Wallstreet that led up to 2008 financial crisis happening so who knows.

So Ronald Reagan caused the made up 2008 so called crisis.

Are you on dope?

No I did not say that. Where did I say he caused it?

Perhaps I misunderstood?

He helped enabled it by deregulation. He is not solely responsible. It started with Carters “Community Reinvestment Act” Reagan helped with various deregulation’s and Clinton was the straw that broke the camels back with approving an illegal merger of Travellers and Citi Group when he repealed the “Glass Steagal Act” so his friends could benefit. Both parties were equally culpable for the 2008 financial crisis.

The deregulation that Reagan spearheaded set up two decades of prosperity. Vietnam followed by Carter almost buried the country.

Causes of 2008, look to the Feds easy money policy, and Clinton-Bush full housing policies.

Prosperity for who? Wall Street executives and Big banks? Sorry but this is a subject matter that has long been debated. Reagan did some good things and he also did some bad things including bad policies that helped in big banks failure in 2008. Also as much as I liked Reagan I didn’t agree with everything he did and his administration was certainly not kind to my family when certain shit went down and it got worse with Bush senior! “Just say No” yeah I still get a chuckle from that one with a seething contempt for hypocrisy! Lastly Reagan had good intentions but like all US presidents before and after their inability to reign in the Deep State operatives especially the CIA is what created most of the mess we are in today especially when it pertains to our debt and our drug problems coming in from south of the border.

I was a small business man with three young children in the era of 12% interest rates, gas lines, deteriorating cities, unions controling every other facit of American life. Reagan may have done some dirty things, as they all must do, but he saved my life. Greatest president in my lifetime. Go to my grave on that statement.

Well I am certainly happy for you, but what my family went through especially my mother in her grief to find answers I became a subject matter expert to which piecing together a accurate time line of chain of events painted a different picture. Remember the “”Iran Contra Scandal “ and Oliver North committing perjury? North was a lying sac of shit then is hailed as a hero. Only in America! (Chuckle)

Believe me I sympathize with your family history. My Dad had many similar feelings about FDR after WWII.

I assume you discount “Tear down this wall,” and the freeing of the most people in the history of the world from behind the Iron Curtain.

I don’t blame Reagan for my fathers death. My mother shortly before passing revealed to me that she thought it was the FBI or the CIA that killed my father because he got too close to something but they blamed it on Escobar because it was a expedient narrative. Her words! We will never know, but like Reagan, Trump doesn’t get to have a blind pass because he did some good things, such as this 2.2 Trillion dollar package he just signed where the American people get crumbs and the elite class get to raid the public treasury. It’s pretty obscene when you think about it, and as much as things change the more they remain the same. Reagan was an actor and probably why he was chosen to be president at the time.

I’m sorry to hear about your dad . :pray:

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