US "Gets Its Ass Handed To It" In World War III Simulation: RAND Corporation


So now that we are not in your psuedo-intellectual thread on anarchism and communism, and you are not brand new, and not posting in the open forum involuntarily, and taking a swipe at our free country, I dont think I will be guilty of the same crimes as Verv when I now simply repeat his words, which were constructed apparently after reading your childish posts in the anarchism vs communism thread.

“Anarchism = strongest will rule. 'Stateless communism - there [is] no such thing. You want to overthrow a Democratic Capitalist society for a utopia that can’t exist in the real world. This is the type of topic dumbass teens who want to feel smart discuss.” Verv

By the way, you likely would not be able to have a similar political exchange of ideas if you lived in the kind of state that you propose.

Why Millenials Want Socialism in America

This story reeks of the same clickbait article that was published a few years ago stating that “a WW3 simulation against China was run and the US lost!” when in reality it was to see if in a worst case scenario where preemptive Chinese cruise missile and bombing raids completely wiped out all of Taiwan’s air force and air defense network and there were no carrier groups in the area to assist, could the US Air Force elements stationed in Japan be able to repel an invasion of Taiwan alone?


The one thing that we learned about wargaming simulation at DARPA in the 90’s was that whatever outcome the simulation predicts will not be the final result of a real conflict. This even extends to jittering parameters and looking at the range of outcomes.
This is not to say that simulation is not useful for insight, training, and analysis, just that taking any up/down answer from sim is a fools errand.

Look at the global temperature trends and the error-bars in the early '00’s. We are several years out from Arctic ice cap gone and Polar bears extinct.
Garbage In (data and/or design), Garbage Out.

Rand is making MITRE look good lately.