US Customs and Border Protection admits ZERO new walls have been built



EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s border agency says he has built ZERO walls in new places despite claiming otherwise — as president vetoes lawmakers’ attempt to kill his emergency declaration and keep his signature campaign promise alive

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection told that no new border wall has been erected where there wasn’t a barrier before
  • President Trump has boasted that he has built both new and replacement walls, a claim that appears untrue given CBP’s statement on the record
  • ’We have already built large new sections,’ he wrote in December
  • All the construction along the border to date has consisted of replacement and ‘secondary’ fencing, CBP now says
  • asked the agency to identify where border walls exist in places where no barriers existed on Inauguration Day 2017
  • A spokesman said '[t]he first new wall project, where no barrier currently exists, is anticipated to start in April’
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I’ve completely given up hope that we are going to get a border wall. It’s just not going to happen. I’m not going to listen to Trump anymore when he makes these both claims or statements. I think the NZ shooter was right, the only way forward is fall on acceleration. The Republicans are already lining up to ramp up gun confiscation efforts, something the Democrats never had the balls to do.

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We voted and paid for a wall…it’s just not on our border.


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Everyone’s trying to push the one magic pill answer. There is none, the solution to illegal immigration is multi-pronged:

  1. Build a wall bigger than China’s on the North and South, manned by the USA Military with orders of fire at will, shoot to kill, after we close all foreign wars and bases and return our military home 100%.
  2. Remove the Feds. from any activities at the border. Legal paperwork is filled with the embassies in their respective countries, NOT at the border. No more BP/ICE, dismantled, the military will perform their primary and only function as a standing army.
  3. Liquidate Corporations hiring illegals, proceeds to go to Citizens’ Families earning less than $60,000/yr…
  4. Immediate shutdown of any welfare, healthcare & aid going to illegals.
  5. DHS to deport at least 12mil. illegals per year for the next 5 years.
  6. Change immigration laws to allow Naturalization Tests, for the children born here, only at the age of 18yo. or older.
  7. Work visas no longer granted until Unemployment drops back to 1% (from current 50%, 156mil. workforce, 95mil. unemployed).
  8. Monitor visitor/student visa entrants and use DHS to deport them, when they overstay illegally.

Give it a fucking rest champ, you and your BFF are getting tedious.


Yeah I posted this in another thread and all I got was crickets! Nice! How dumb does Trump look now? Let me be clear, I support Trump, but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass from me for not carrying out his promises, and now I am starting to question his decisions. The most infuriating part for me is when he signed the spending bill back in mid February where specific language was written in it explicitly outlining limitations where he can build the wall.


You forgot the most important part, end any means where illegals can get free shit at the expense of tax payers dollars! The cost is extremely important. Remove that element from the equation and bam you have a mass uprising.


You’d also have to nullify posse comitatus first. You know, the law that says the military cannot serve as law enforcement.

And before you get all hot and bothered about it, just realize that former Presidents have already argued in favor of abolishing the law.

Our Founders were against the notion of standing armies for good reason. Standing armies can defend our nation, sure. They can also quickly be turned against the population if the wrong person is put in charge of them. That is why this country was built on the notion of the “citizen soldier” and the militia instead. It’s also why we have our long history with the 2nd amendment and the right of every citizen to be armed and able to defend themselves. Be careful what you wish for folks. The people pulling the strings would love nothing more than to have a standing army to control with an unarmed populace also subject to their control. It’s what they’ve been working towards for a long long long time. Some of you seem to be falling right in to their plan.

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