US college student imprisoned in China over satirical tweets

This is pretty chilling! Based on the details of this case, a US student who used twitter to criticise Chinese premier Xi Jinping was jailed when visiting China.

What is even more disturbing is the fact the CHICOMS used surveillance tech to track down the user of the twitter account.

“The social media app TikTok has [drawn blowback for reportedly sending user information back to the Chinese government. A lawsuit even alleges that the app contains Chinese surveillance software. It is worth considering just how connected these two things may be.

The most harrowing aspect of this student’s struggles is that the Chinese government used technology to find the owner of an anonymous account and then have them detained for months before being charged for “denigrating the national leader’s image” and then being sentenced for “provocation.”

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If you travel to China and Countries that are hostile to the USA , you get what you deserve , SORRY !

Well there is that, but what is most disturbing to me is the tech surveillance part of this story that is allowing for this to happen in the first place. The student expressed his free speech while in the US, but gets arrested in China. This is clearly an over reach on the CHICOMS part by circumventing the protections that US law affords under the constitution. If this student expressed his satire criticism while in China that is one thing, but to do it while in the US that an entirely different set of standards.

He is Chinese citizen student studying in the United States and made the anonymous comment while in the States and was home in China on summer break when he was nabbed. Not only is the technology disturbing but it should give the USA pause to allow so many Chinese students into the country because it’s clear they are either assets or slaves of the communist Chinese government. Ditto that for American companies operating in China like Google and Apple whose technology helps the commie Chinese with their tyranny.


Yep! I don’t really care about the plight of a Chinese student getting handled by his state. He’s not an American and the headline of this article is misleading and is bordering fake news. When people read “US college student” they think nice American citizen not some foreigner taking a seat at one of our colleges at the expense of an American student. Frankly, I am so aggravated with China over the Coronavirus that I don’t care if ALL of their citizens get stepped on and snuffed out by their state.


Yeah that part of US student is indeed misleading, still the surveillance aspect of this story is what bothers me most and why it’s continued to be allowed into the states should be something that is looked at more closely.

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This student was in the U.S. for an education and had rights not considered by the Communist Chinese government. Unfortunately his mistake was going home where there isn’t anything close to rights and due process. If and when he returns here, he should immediately apply for citizenship or refugee status.
This same technology could be here by the government anytime on anyone and we should all be disgusted and alarmed.

Senator Church (of the infamous Church Committee) warned of this (already here then) 43 years ago.

ICAM with you about the surveillance that the Chinese are probably getting from Google and I find that to be shameful, and I think it should be illegal for American companies to aid & abet communist countries with that kind of technology to further oppress their people.

Actually I have a little more compassion for the Chinese people and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t have a choice but to go home on summer break for the safety of his family. The experiment with China has failed as opening up trade to let them into the world wide community did not make them lose their oppressive ways, it’s made them worse and I totally agree with President Trump when he advised American companies a few months back to source other locations, besides China to conduct their business.

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I agree with you, Roxie.

I have compassion for the people of China as well. The people who want to work, feed their families and provide a roof over their heads. They want better for the generations to come.

I didn’t mean that I was blaming him. I should have said that his imprisonment is wrong and he should have had some suspicion this could happen. I understand how someone would miss their family, especially being that far away. But how much due process is there in Communist China???

Chinese national imprisoned in China over satirical tweets made in America while squatting at one of our colleges waiting on an H1B. FIFY.

The same amount that the Democrats gave President Trump in this impeachment fiasco which is none! :grimacing:

There wasn’t any information that he was squatting at the Univ of Minn.

Roxiebell , I’m in total agreement on that and absolutely opposed to Communism.

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