US Capitol protester seeking asylum in Belarus regrets role in pro-Trump riots

American crosses dangerous swamp to unlawfully enter Belarus.

How can one trespass a public building we pay for? Lol


Hmmm interesting. So he claims innocence but flees to Ukraine and Belarus……

More Liberal Commifornians should join him including Governor Newsom!!!


From the link in the op…….

Not EVERYBODY in California is a liberal….:wink:

“The supporter of former president Donald Trump is now seeking refuge in Belarus……”

… and not EVERYBODY in Texas is Conservative. What’s your point?

Foreigners enter the USA by the millions and ? Besides the "pro-Trump " was really a demoRAT paid MOB !!! The photos show the same mob of BLM morons along with those ANTIFA â– â– â– â–  so I say it was an anti- Trump mob !

Perhaps he’s seen the current state of justice from the laughable justice department and the politics of a witch hunt.

There were no pro-Trump riots. That is a LIE.
Trump people work jobs. We don’t have time to riot. We just pay the bills for the left wing assholes who do riot.
There was no riot at the Capitol. Nobody was killed and no property was destroyed.
There WERE riots in blue states and very few arrests, even though a lot of innocent people were MURDERED.

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@jbob, the Trumpers who attacked the capital and American democracy on January 6th have been successfully prosecuted and there are many more to be prosecuted as well….

When are the Summer of Love thugs going to be prosecuted?