US adults wider, not taller

If you have a high BMI, you may not be fat, but if you are fat you will have a high BMI. I think those muscle bound meatheads aren’t worried about BMI. If you have to question it, you’re probably fat.


Globalism at play. Feed people crap, make them ill (food industry). Pharma industry gives them drugs to make them feel better. Promotes dependency and a vicious downward spiral.

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Did people have “large bones” during the Blitz I wonder? :smile:

Here’s BMI

My problems with it are it doesn’t account for differences between men and women, nor for fat distribution—for example, how much harm are large rear end and wide hips going to do vs thick waist, stomach—and doesn’t distinguish those heavier individuals with a larger frame or more muscular types who weigh more due to muscle :muscle:t2: from working out weighing more than fat.

However, it can be flexible as it does allow for norms in a range—18-24.9%. This contrasts with a personal trainer who advised me my then 23 some BMI placed me at risk for diabetes. I’ve since become about 25 or 26% due in part to medication, largely due to eating too much.

This trainer,OTOH, was inflexible in saying 116 was my desirable weight. From experience, I’d look sick at that weight.

I’m speaking in relation to how people are classified by health professionals/insurance based on BMI.

Using that as a factor to dictate certain things is ridiculous.

There is more to being healthy/not healthy than simple multiplication

It may not be accurate, but it is a fair approximation. You can have a BMI of 28 and not be fat, but you cannot have a BMI of 38 and not be fat.

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“Weight in stones”?

I don’t ever want to hear you Brits criticize we Yanks for hanging on to our system of measurement again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll give you that, however more often than not, the number crunchers etc. are just looking at a number on a piece of paper and making determinations that are nor inline with reality.

I don’t like stones or pounds. SI units are the most logical, it’s what most of the world use and makes sense scientifically.

Just look in the mirror, if you’re fat, you’re fat! If you’re not sure, post your pic here and we’ll tell you! :joy:

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If a polar bear is not fat, it’s on the verge of starvation. :wink:

Also Australians from ACDC’s “A Whole Lotta Rosie”:

“when you give it all you got

weighing in at 19 stones”

Go to YouTube and access that song “Live at River Plate” in 1996. If it doesn’t wake you right up, you may be dead.:slightly_frowning_face:

Polar bears are not people.



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It’s CO2. It’s impacting gravity as well. Guess we need another tax. That’ll fix it.


All you have to do is look around and you’ll see the truth in the fact that we’re getting too fat.

I’m the perfect example. I ran up three flights of stairs one day and was completely winded and it pissed me off. I pulled up myfitnesspal and started counting calories. Kept it to 1500 a day. That was last November. I don’t count anymore because i pretty much know what I can eat and stay to 1500 but I dropped 40 lbs and it’s staying off. I wouldn’t mind another 10 but I’m already about 20 lbs away from my military weight when I was 25 and that’s not terrible considering I’m nearly 50.

We ride bikes quite a bit now, going 30 miles on long days, 10 miles on short days, usually 3 times a week total. Not horribly hard workouts but it’s helped. My wife has also dropped a few pounds. A few days ago, I took the same 3 flights of stairs and didn’t flinch. It’s amazing how much harder it is to carry 40 lbs with you every day.

If you’re a little overweight, I’d highly recommend starting to count calories and just stick to it. The exercise is good but just limiting what you eat is extremely important and quite frankly, simple math. I didn’t change WHAT I eat, I just changed how much. . . with the exception of normally I get a filet rather than a ribeye due to the double calories. Every now and then I cheat but that’s ok. Dropping 30-50 lbs is just an amazing difference in how you feel every day. Don’t think so? Carry around a 30 lb weight all day with you and see if you feel different that night. :wink:

CO2 is more dense than the other components of the atmosphere. As its concentration goes up, the atmosphere becomes more dense, making you and me more buoyant and therefore, weigh less. That’s my weight loss plan … pump out as much CO2 as possible. :wink:

I’m on board with that. Means I have to get rid of the truck I just bought with a V6 and turn it into a 572 V8, right?

Sadly it’s not keeping up with gravity…it’s getting stronger as the years go by. :frowning_face:

Just because some of your body parts are hanging lower than they used to be does not mean that gravity is getting stronger. :wink: