URGENT BREAKING NEWS, AP reports: Racist word traced in dust in a dorm bathroom in Minnesota

ST. PAUL, MINN. (AP) — University of St. Thomas officials say they’re investigating after a racist word was traced in dust on a residence hall’s bathroom window.

Well, I guess at least it they didnt do it in poop.

Residence Life Director Aaron Macke called the word “an act of hate against our black residents and a damaging act against the entire St. Thomas community.”

Anyone care to guess what the word was? My guess is “mooncricket.”

Campus police are reviewing video, interviewing students and consulting with St. Paul police.

Glad they have that under control.


“Racist word traced in dust”…wow. Meanwhile in Minneapolis…


For even one black person to get their feelings hurt by a mean word is an infinitely worse thing than all the cases of (justified) black on white attacks that have ever happened or will happen for the rest of human history put together. Slavery happened, after all. Why am I even alive right now? I should just kill myself as a way of saying I’m sorry!


Nah dude, if you kill yourself, you are depriving them of the opportunity to rape and rob you. What you need to do is work hard, give them all your money, and occasionally wander down your local MLK blvd at night.





This is definitely a nationwide emergency! Call in the FBI and National Guard!

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Ahahha my sides!

Why do mooncrickets only have nightmares?

Look what happened to the last one that “had a dream”

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Was it “KILL WHITEY” ? I guess not; that wouldn’t have made news.

What a bunch of pussies.