Urban Piss Boy says Trump Definitely Had A Stroke

Trump is on a “I did not have a stroke” tear.

Uh huh…

He has weakness on his right side visible when he attempts to navigate stairs, ramps, or a glass of water.

Many have suspected Trump had a stroke when he made an unannounced trip to Walter Reed.

Maybe he just wanted a recreational colo-rectal exam. Probably not.

And when he could barely handle the ramp at West Point he talked about how slippery and steep the ramp was for days. Um, daze…

And he’s limping, his right leg is gimpy and he needs the help of his left hand when he grabs a water glass with his right hand.

And now he’s been tweeting and tweeting about not having had a stroke.

He definitely had a stroke.



I’m guessing many in the GOP wish the stroke had killed Trump because it’s a bad look when your party’s president is a jackass.

And I’m guessing many democrats are happy that he didn’t die, because Trump’s death could spawn a sympathy vote for the GOP.

TS Elliot’s phrase “wilderness of mirrors” comes to my mind…


More fake news bullshit! Just look at your sources! Holy crap you really jump the shark!

Sorry I don’t frequent Infowars or whatever else Alex Jones is up to these days for my news. I only read credible sources.


Trump definitely shit the bed hard when he brought up mini-strokes specifically; he’s just smearing it all over the place at this point.


I don’t either, but nice try and not very original on your part! This post is total bullshit and has already been debunked! Quoting CNN has got to be the highlight of your Low info input here! Hilarious and no wonder why most laugh at you people your simply clueless!

Oh that’s right. Your source is conservative treehouse or some silly shit like that :rofl:


Hopefully he strokes out at his next big COVID super spreader event and all the racists and bigots stroke out when they see that tub of shit go belly up.


No you dumbass your own leftist pink commie rag says so!

Learn to read you Russian bot. NYT is reporting what Trump’s mouthpiece physician is saying…not that Trump didn’t have a stroke, which he did.


Right that is why is why you are supporting two racists pieces of shit! Your hypocrisy knows no shame and truly exposes just how ignorant you truly are. That wonderful public education on display right here!

His physician would know you dumbass, and no where is there proof that he had a stroke! The fact you are relying on CNN only proves positive you are a dumbass!

As many have observed, even in his own cult, Trump could form a reasonably coherent sentence in years past, even though it was still to lie. Now he clearly can’t.

But the thing is none of it matters. The cult will not only vote for a corpse, they will demand that laws be changed to inaugurate one.


Probably not necessary. There’s nothing in the Constitution stipulating that the president has to be alive. This will be the first thing the cultists point out.

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Ah well. An unverified stroke against verified aneurysms and brain surgeries.


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Even if there were, and written in plain text, the “constructionists” would find a way to interpret around it.

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If the better candidate is dead, it’s pretty elitist to insist on aliveness if that’s not what the voters care about.

Why is it that you guys constantly push stories with unnamed sources but whenever anyone just a bit to the right of Joseph Stalin shares a story, with sources, it’s all complete nonsense to you? Don’t you understand that we are looking for substantiated facts and you guys consistently fail to provide them?

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Sorry but I’ve already decided I’m voting Trump. It’s not for any political reason because I don’t care about politics at all. It’s only because the anti-Trump people are annoying as shit on the internet