Update: UN deletes tweet defending antifa flag, demanding U.S. respect terror

The United Nations came to the defense of Antifa, slamming President Trump for labeling the violent far-left group as a terrorist organization because it violates its “right to peaceful assembly.”

Of course they did some of their sheep are catching on to their LIES …they aren’t your truth bible fools

I don’t recall the UN making the same plea to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly after Charlottesville.

Imagine if Trump actually followed through with his threat to get out of the UN and WHO.

He did with WHO, and has cut the Budget to the UN but now him completely cutting ties with the UN would be a major move that would be seen as an act of war.

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An act of war against whom, exactly? Pick the sovereign entity and explain.

Figure of speech, act of war meaning the exclusive group would align against Trump, this admin, and assail upon the US with politics and propaganda and form a new alliance against the US and paint them as the bad guy for having done such a thing.

Yeah - we wouldn’t want total chaos in the streets if something like that happened.