University of Connecticut Student Narrowly Avoids Jail For Using the N-Word

A University of Connecticut student who was arrested for using the n-word has narrowly avoided jail.

Jarred Karal was arrested after he was filmed walking through a parking lot and shouting the word “n*gger.” He was with two other individuals, one of whom was also arrested.

The students claimed they were playing a game centered around screaming vulgar words, but were charged under CGS 53-37, “ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race.”

Karal was originally facing up to 30 days in jail, but a judge accepted Karal’s plea for accelerated rehabilitation, under which he will spend 6 months on probation while completing 20 hours of community service.

The student will also be forced to under go “diversity and bias” training.

At the time of his arrest, some observers noted that the treatment of Karal was at odds with the First Amendment.

University of California at Los Angeles law professor Eugene Volokh slammed the Connecticut state statute under which Karal was charged, labeling it “obviously unconstitutional, because it suppresses speech based on its content (and viewpoint), and because there’s no First Amendment exception for speech that insults based on race or religion.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) also told Campus Reform, “FIRE is deeply concerned by the investigation and arrest of two students by the University of Connecticut Police Department pursuant to a statue that any reasonable police officer would have known is unconstitutional. However offensive the use of a racial epithet, not directed at any person, the First Amendment protects offensive language, and neither the University of Connecticut nor its police officers may abridge students’ First Amendment rights.”

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Whoever this kid hired as his attorney should have been disbarred. This law is blatantly unconstitutional and they should have taken it to court. A lower-level judge might have ruled against him but they would have gotten the case, any possible previous convictions, and the entire law thrown out on appeal.

Stupid move. He had the opportunity to make a difference. Instead, he plead guilty to exercising a constitutional right.

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What next vioation of ones 1st Ammendment rights will occur. I would say the choice of words was wrong but he shouldn’t have been arrested.
I guess there isn’t a Liberal Activist lawyer that would have taken his case.

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Would this law apply to any black comedians perfoming in the state of Connecticut, because the only content the majority of them seem to be able to come up with is ridicule of whitey…which would be a violation of this statute.

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Used to be the ACLU would take on cases like this. Those days are over.

I assume blacks use of the word Ngger is protected free speech.

The real issue isn’t the word itself but that it’s a white male who said it. There are all kinds of new laws for white males such as white males aren’t allowed to use the OK hand signal and numerous other insane leftist Marxist rules. I’m tired of walking on eggshells. This guy should have gotten a lawyer and sued the shit out of PC obsessed racist commies.

Connecticut citizens have had their 2nd amendment rights taken away and now they have lost the 1st.

Further proof that leftist re-education and indoctrination camps exist.

How can these laws even get passed? I’m no lawyer but this is so against the First Amendment it’s not even funny.

Connecticut has become an Orwellian state .

There are 3 justice systems in the U.S… one for the wealthy and politically powerful, one for white people and one for the minorities.

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This is weird because anybody I’ve ever met from Connecticut has always been pretty conservative. How are all of these once conservative states flipping blue? I guess state politics relies on votes from urban areas where at the federal level we have the electoral college to prevent this kind of insanity.

Would a black be threaten with jail time for calling someone “cracker” , 'honky" , “Nazi” , " wop" or the like ? Today blacks canm murder a white just for saying the n word , God know many got off a murder charge for that very reason . :nauseated_face:

Would anyone dare to have blacks go through diversity and bias training???

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It’s called "protected class" today , hell even being a vegan is protected and can get you jailed , stupid f-ing liberal trash !!! :hot_face: