University Of Chicago Delays Controversial Class Entitled “The Problem Of Whiteness”

The University of Chicago has delayed the introduction of an anti-white class after a conservative student complained.

According to The Washington Times, the start of the class, entitled “The Problem of Whiteness,” will be pushed back to March, instead of beginning in January as originally scheduled.

The delay reportedly was announced after Daniel Schmidt, a UC sophomore, complained about the class on Twitter.

In his Nov. 1 tweet string, Schmidt said he has documented “all the anti-white hatred I’ve seen on campus.”

He added that “without a doubt, this is the most egregious example.”

Schmidt posted the class description to his Twitter account. One part of the summary mentions that “The Problem of Whiteness” examines the topic through the lens of Critical Race Theory, the notoriously anti-white academic theory.

The description adds that “whiteness,” as an “‘unmarked racial category,” is a “saturating” default position around which nonwhites are judged. That, in turn, has affected almost every relationship within American life.

It also says whiteness is “a conspicuous problem within liberal political discourse,” and the class is intended to approach “whiteness as a ‘pigment of the imagination’ with worldmaking (and razing) effects.”

“Anti-white hatred is now mainstream academic inquiry. And you’re not even allowed to call that out without being called racist,” Schmidt tweeted.

The class is being taught by a professor named Rebecca Journey, who is white.

Yet Schmidt wonders where her own self-loathing could lead.

“You have to wonder what the solution to the ‘Problem of Whiteness’ would be,” he tweeted. “This is how people who detest white people think and talk. And they have taken over all universities under the guise of ‘academic freedom.’ No sane professor can oppose it without risking their career.”

“Will white students at my college complain about this course? Of course not. They’re used to this by now. They know better than to step out of line,” he continued. “They must keep their heads down, shut up, and tolerate second-class treatment. That’s the reality. They’re the problem.”

The university indicated it will not surrender in the face of Schmidt’s criticism, but fully intends to proceed with the controversial, bigoted class, albeit later rather than sooner.

UC told the Times, it is “deeply committed to upholding the values of academic freedom, the free expression of ideas and the ability of faculty and students to express a wide range of views and to contest the ideas that they oppose.”

But as Schmidt noted, he is probably the only one to “contest” this expression of anti-white contempt.

However, if you oppose (((their))) ideas then you will get publicly attacked, humiliated, and then canceled. If they were truly committed to academic freedom, they would offer a class that counters the narrative of this woke bullshit instead of forcing it down the throats of tuition-paying students.

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Why is it suddenly wrong to be white? Did I miss the memo where all other races were deemed superior?

I’d love to take a class on black crime rates, but I guess they only offer classes on perpetuating them.

Why not offer a class on how Western civilization is being destroyed by those who refuse to acknowledge its achievements and contributions?