Unions Want $30 Minimum Wage

30 dollars in not enough! 80 dollars an hour is the true sweet spot! No prices on goods or services would go up because money grows on trees! That $50 Snickers bar is just a to scare us!

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Everyone can have whatever amount of dollars they like because a practically infinite amount can be and will be printed to meet these demands. As far as actually buying things, you’ll need to barter things of real value for that.

DemoRATS still believe in money trees . :roll_eyes:

In 1960 the average new home cost about 3 years average income, a new car was 6 months income, a loaf of bread was about 10 minutes work and a man’s outfit (hat to shoes) was about 3 weeks pay.
Today a new car is a little over 6 month income with more features, a new home is about 3 years wages and a loaf of bread is about 10 minutes work and the suit of clothes about the same.
What has changed? Raise the payscale 100 fold and the labor per goods purchased will not change.

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Silly, real money still comes from them old cotton fields down south.

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I = E except after C

I : income

E : expenses

C : Christmas