Undocumented Shopping in Texas

This is exemplary of what Dick’s Sporting Goods and WalMart have to deal with on a regular basis. The third catch is almost unbelievable.

SHOPLIFTING IN TEXAS Three security videos attached of three different women shoplifting. Two at a Walmart in South Texas and one at a Dick’s Sporting Goods. All three women are illegals.

The rest of the country has no concept of what South Texas is going through w i th the illegals. We’ll just call it “undocumented shopping” .

There are 3 videos. Be sure to watch all 3. YOU WILL BE AMAZED. I guarantee it…

You may initially think that you know what is coming from the three apprehended shoplifters; however, I think you may be surprised at the numerical count of stolen items from two of them and the size of the items from the third shoplifter.

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Wow. Just … Wow. The one with four guns was scary.

Now, given this happened in NYC, any theft under $950.00 wouldn’t be prosecuted. How dumb is that?

If they were Americans would it have made shoplifting any less of a crime?

Well - they aren’t Americans. They are foreigners stealing in our country.


If they couldn’t get in to the US they wouldn’t be stealing and committing other crimes here period.

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Well in NY she would be out on bail within 15 minutes and ICE would NOT be allowed to touch her . Tell me this is an example of those hard working illegals the dems tell us about . :hot_face: :nauseated_face:


None of those items would have been stolen if those illegals weren’t in the country to begin with. Hard-working and law-abiding Americans pay full price for their items and behave appropriately in public because we have respect for our country and our people. Illegals are only here to take from us.

You make a point; and that being said, we already have enough home grown criminals to sort out; so who in their right mind would wish to import more? Riddle me that. Thing is, it gets far worse than shoplifting. It often results in the death of our citizens. So again, we have our own monsters to deal with; so why import more? 1. ## Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial - OJJPAC.org

www.ojjpac.org/ memorial .asp


  1. Victims of Illegal Aliens Memorial page 2 - OJJPAC.org--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No doubt, at this very moment, Liberal minds are in high gear, in an attempt to rationalize the above.


Incredible video´! What is this phenomena of women doing the stealing.

All businesses should have an open partnership with a company known as: WE BREAK KNEES R US Oh Yeah; how did someone manage to grab all those firearms from a case that must be locked & monitored by law. Uh Oh, another failed gun law. Was that battery in her snatch?

If my Aunt had balls, she’d be my Uncle. Read the OP and try to understand it.

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But t5he dems need votes and if Americans won’t vote for them , they will import turd World votes . This thievery by ILLEGALS is NOT the exception but the rule . The fake news liberal media refuses to report the havoc illegals place on the American people because they WANT them here .
#TRUMP 2020

How many Americans would be alive today if illegals are deported?

How many other crimes would have not occurred if illegals wee deported?

And that is just a partial list.