Undercover video facebook content moderator if someone is wearing a red maga hat i'm going to delete them for terrorism



The necklace on the assailant appears to be an Egyptian ankh which is a satanic symbol

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Why is anyone using Facebook in 2020?

Cause it’s there. It’s old fashion but, like the dodo bird, it’s going away even faster because of their shameless marxist doctrine.

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Screw facebook. These social media giants have become full blown democrat and DNC operatives. They should lose any and all governmemt protections and be punished for their actions.

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No surprise here at all. The left can’t meme, can’t come up with viable candidates for office, and can’t stand the fact that they’re losing the culture war so they resort to this. It also explains, but also doesn’t surprise me as to why my f-book page was disabled two months ago because I’ve repeatedly “violated community standards”.

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I’m glad this is happening now, so there’s plenty of time for voters to see that Facebook is the biggest promoter of radical liberalism on the planet!

I’m not on Facebook anymore and if people still are that’s their own fault. I have ZERO sympathy if you are a conservative and continue to bend over and take it.

Screw that fuck Mark fuckberg I hope they abolish Facebook for censorship .