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That’s where war ends and murder begins

They should be arrested for war crimes

Ukraine will win this war. The Ruskies take far too many casualties( as if those lives mean anything) and have lost too much equipment along with poor tactics, failing to adapt to Ukraines tactics and overall poor military planing. They still have a WW2 military mindset and poor troop morale.Take away thw Wagner Group and the Ruskies would have been defeated.Not taking Kiev has cost them dearly.
Vlad Rasputin is as good a general as Hitler and may not last long itn Moscow.

So much I agree with here … we just need you on the Trump bandwagon!

I’ve never been off the Trump Bandwagon.

Great! I thought we lost you for a moment…

I had supported Ted Cruz who would be a great USAG until Trump won the primary then supported him.Saw him in person when his visited Reading Pa when campaigning against BIDET.

How weird is it that neo con Brian Kilmeade has replaced Tucker Carlson at 8 o’clock who was against the Ukraine war…

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This is outstanding !

Are you saying all Ukrainian troops are doing this. Would the Wagner Group do this to discredit Ukrainian troops???


Fake account and fake person


Just reporting a duplicate thread. Done with malicious intent… @KVN @Patriot

@Didgevillage this is insane

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Like he’s saying, his first language is Russian, and he had to learn Ukrainian in schools.

If I recall, Trotsky was also a Joo from Kherson and he had to flee Russia for fear of assassination after his quarrels with other Bolsheviks. (He met his death in Mexico, after the assassins tracked him down).

Trotsky may be dead, but his legacy lives on among the American left.

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Russian agents are some dangerous patriots.