Ukraine Russia War Front and Updated

This is insane


:exclamation:Putin has urgently returned from Kursk​:ru: to Moscow​:ru:.

The situation in :ru: is unstable: Politically, economically, and militarily.

Putin’s core support is hardcore nationalists: Those who loved Prigozhin.

The situation can spiral out-of-control at any moment.

This war is getting out of hand.

I have some breaking news tomorrow

Ukraine is sending senior citizens into battle. .

How does Russia get defeated in Ukraine? Does anybody seriously believe that the Ukraine military, valiant though it may be, is going to repel the Russians and totally vanquished them from the country? No, nobody seriously believes that.

You are ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! Ukraine has drained Russia of nearly all their reserves. Ukraine has hit Russias defensive lines in various places forcing them to constantly move reserves like crazy.
The Russian Army is dependent on railroads to move equipment and supplies . Ukraine has SUCCESSFULLY CLOSED the Kerch and Chongar bridges forcing Russia to travel a long road route with trucks to supply its Army , making it easier for Ukraine
If Ukraine is lossing, why would Russia sink ferry boats and use netting to protect the Kerch bridge from further naval attacks.
You must be brainwashed from watching too much Russian propoganda videos. Ukraine is within 12km of takmat and when taken will split the Russian forces in this area and threaten Crimea.Take a good look at the Russian army command structure and see how handcuffrd field commanders are in reacting and adapting to changing battlefield conditions.

Hey buddy Ukraine is losing and bad

Guys, this is the original Ukraine’s thread.

Attn all Putin Pals here, Ukrainian Army has entered trenches in Verbove.Ukraine is defeating the second line defensive trenches. It wont be long before they are at Melitopol or Tokmat.Russia has mo more reserves as they move troops from one part of Ukraine to another. Russia is now going to the stans bribing men to enlist with thr promise of high pay.
Unless the West decides to FUK Ukraine, I will have the last laugh.

Steve Doocey says we are at war with Russia and their athletes shouldn’t be allowed in America…

What will hockey look like? UFC.

Ukraine you will lose!

The Ukranian Army is on the edge of Verbove and widening its gains to prevent attacks on ots flanks. Sometime this year they will be close to Melitopol which cutoff have of Russias Army and then it will be GOODNIGHT IVANS !!!