Ukraine Phone Call Follies

If the call was the “perfect call” then why did it take five days or more to print and release the calls transcript eh? Perhaps no one in this Administration can type more than 126 characters?

Shades of Rose Mary Woods :exploding_head:

The National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert testified Tuesday that the White House memo of President Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “omitted crucial words and phrases,” the New York Times reports.

So here’s my question.

Seeing that this is the most beautifully transparent administration in the history of the universe, sworn to "drain the swamp"™ and make the greatest nation in History “great again” where are All the Precedents Men these days? Why are they all lost for words?

VP Q-Tip is incapable of answering simple yes or no questions and People Are Saying™ that he’s holed up in Mother’s basement watching Gladiator movies.

Pompeo is scared to death of going on record.

Barr is vacationing in Italy on your and my dime and does not seem to be available.

Mulvaney? He’s the acting Thanksgiving Turkey. Gobble Gobble.

And where’s guy who never misses a chance to open his yapper Rudy? Is Rudy now sleeping with the fishes? Or maybe he’s become part of a New York City skyscrapers foundation??

This is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight ain’t it?

Now…let the fun begin.

Well, according to witness testimony, he must have been busy editing it. Kind of like Nixon was doing.

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tRUMP has trouble editing his 280 character tweets. So I guess that’s why it took so long to edit the manuscript.

so sad

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Why was he logging onto the classified server and attempting to tamper with the call log transcript if he wasn’t on the call? Also, as an infantry field officer LTC, what is he doing with dual+ citizenship in NSC? Why so few medals? Something strange is afoot.



Looks like a ■■■ soy boy!

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Holy shit - do you pay attention? The call transcript was deliberately falsified. That was the point of his goddamn testimony.

This soldier swore an oath to the country, not Trump.


Indeed. He only has an expeditionary medal - yet also has a Purple Heart and a CIB. Not possible. He’s probably a CIA plant.

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Now let the fun begin…because none of this actually matters. The President is protected by treaty. He is allowed to discuss anything that he chooses with heads of state. There is a treaty like this with every country that we have Diplomatic relations with. It gives the President the power to unilaterally negotiate with heads of state.

This is why it’s only an “impeachment inquiry” and part of the reason why they passed the buck. They have no legit grounds to impeach this President. The minute it goes anywhere for any kind of ratification, it will get dropped like a hot potato.

Have fun spinning your wheels though…


NOT for his own personal gain. WTH is wrong with you guys…:man_shrugging:

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See all those pretty bars over his heart? Those bars represent service theatres and commendations.

See the pretty badge over those bars? It’s called a Combat Infantryman’s Badge. I have one myself with three stars on it. A soldier only gets that after having engaged in combat, like live fire combat. For real, not a video game sonny.

See the pretty silver thingie under and to the lower right of his colorful bars? That’s the Army jump badge for Airborne Infantry.

You’ve never served other than McDonalds have you? Maybe you still have a G.I. Joe?

It’s just you and your very limited knowledge of anything military.

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He is. A treaty like those given to Native Americans?


Within the constraints of his oath of office. You do understand what swearing an oath is don’t you?

But thanks for playing…

You can’t move the goal post after the winning field goal has already been kicked. I absolutely destroyed your OP and your argument right along with it. Bringing up some olden day crap about Native Americans has nothing to do with current diplomatic treaties that we have signed with other countries concerning communication between heads of state. Try harder.


Any troop who is deployed overseas has an expeditionary medal.

I have three purple hearts and a CIB with three battle stars. I can assure you it’s possible.

Did you serve? Maybe you’re the guy who enshrined the MOS for ShitBurner amiright?

“A Man believes what he wants to and disregards the rest…”

homage to Simon and garfunkels “The Boxer”

There really is such a thing as a tin foil cap…

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I mute ejits.

You’re muted for being an IgnoreAnus.

Buh Bye scooter.

How is it for his own personal gain?

The only people who gained anything out of this deal are Joe and Hunter Biden.


You’re correct. His Doral grift was stopped in its tracks.

so unfair™

Fleecing Americans and Taxpayers since 2017…



Just step away from your mirror…

You want to kiss him don’t you?

Smoochie Smoochie?

I told you that I’d play fair with you. However when you resort to grade school level insults of anyone who has honorably served America I’ll cut your sorry ass off at the knees peewee.

Really, again?

Asking Ukraine to investigate the front runner challenging his seat in return for security aid.

This is established FACT. Half a dozen witness have now corroborated this in testimony against Trump.

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