Ukraine peace summit --- what a debacle

In Sweden?

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Goes to show nobody gives a damn about Zelensky.
In Switzerland or Sweden, it makes no difference.

New York Times publishes (supposed) text of the Istanbul agreement 2022

Nobody knows for sure what NYT intends to say by this publication at this juncture of the Russian and Ukrainian texts (which are the same except for minor differences in nuance, so I hear).

Botton line. Much ado about nothing.

Russia no longer considers Switzerland to be neutral.
What a waste of money — Oh well, Switzerland can afford it.

No doubt about it.
It was a total failure.

As far as I can see, nobody knowledgeable evaluates the conference or summit or whatever as a success.

Nobody is saying WHY the US is declining.
Because it’s ruled by Joos.
PAX JUDAICA is over.

Lets stop the JOO BS . ITS REALLY ANOYING!!!
Think of something better to say.

Embarrassing, to say the least.

Turns out there was no physical document on which the participants put their signatures.