Ukraine is preparing for Russian invasion

U.S. Intel Shows Russia Plans for Potential Ukraine Invasion

Can’t wait for the smoke to clear .

Ukraine is one of the most corrupt places in Europe.
I can’t wait for this shithole to be gotten rid of, so that Zionists and Dems won’t have financial gains at the expense of the Ukrainian people.

Russian-speaking Ukrainians (in the east of the country) are discriminated against. They know who the puppet masters in Kiev are. It’s a comic situation.

You don’t think any Republicans are making money in Ukraine……:joy::joy::joy:

As long as he or she is a Zionist, it makes no difference.

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Hunter Biden has connections there. Let’s send him over to straighten things out.

No, like Taiwan, Ukraine isn’t part of America. Let Ukraine, the EU or NATO straighten things out……

Of course there’s a possible coup afoot there so maybe things will be handled that way….

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No. Ukraine isn’t part of America.
It’s part of Biden land.

No, don’t let NATO get involved. They have a history of mucking things up.

Yeah, why interfere. Ukraine is a CORRUPT country and the separatists want to establish a free and corrupt less country.

Who knew Monte had such clear vision of the future?

Major escalation?
Patriot missiles for Kiev