🔴 Ukraine elects comedian who plays a president on TV as president


Let the games begin.

Ukraine had a choice in the presidential election between their President or a comedian who mockingly plays a President on TV. They chose the comedian.

The comedian has no experience and he offered few details on political policies.

He easily won enough votes to become the next president of a country at war, Reuters reported.

Hell, we almost elected Hillary. An inexperienced comedian would be a step up from that.

We didn’t do any better than a comedian with 2 terms served by a racist, Muslim sympathizer, liar, apologetic POS, Obama.

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I had high hopes for Ukraine. I though they were one of the most JQ woke countries of Europe. Now that a Zionist puppet is replaced by a racially ■■■■■■ Zionist it won’t be surprising to see the Ukraine slide back into communism.

You people really need to quit drinking that poison Koolaid.

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You really need to stop worshipping a religious ethno-state that isn’t your own…or is it? :thinking:

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Or… the only democracy in the area?

The Ukraine have finally proved what we already knew. Politics really are a joke.

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My grandmother was Ukrainian and her brothers and sisters never left. We have a lot of family there and the general sentiment is that this election was rigged. Ukranians are fairly conservative culturally. They don’t support weed legalization, prostitution, or anything else this leftist is pushing.

If that’s the case hopefully they do something about it.

Clown World :clown_face:

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Or just leave the light on in their Anxiety Closet at night.

@TWR @asaratis

I get that you guys love Trump. I used to as well before I came to the conclusion that he is an utter failure and will never deliver on the border wall and deportations.

Anyhow…are you guys seriously comparing a Ukranian TV star with no political experience to Hillary Clinton? I got no love for Killary but come on. I think there might be a more appropriate comparison on hand… But I just can’t think of another TV star, with zero political experience, who was recently elected to the highest office in the land. Gee, what’s his name? Oh yeah - Trump.

From what I’ve seen … he is eminently more qualified than the other comedians who run various countries. For a laugh, look no further than Downing Street, central London

I have no love for Trump, he’s a despicable human being. Hillary is flat out evil and incompetent to boot.

I may agree with most of the policies implemented under this administration but it doesn’t change my opinion of the POTUS nor erase his past.

I suppose he did get some skin in the game from being governor.

…and the nearlys, Eastwood and Schwarzenegger.
(Arnie can’t run for POTUS)

Neither Eastwood nor Schwarzenager ever came close to being nominated much less close to being elected.

Reagan had excellent credentialed experience as Governor and was an extremely effective president. He learned a lot between his years as an actor, then governor, his first attempts at winning the nomination and finally becoming POTUS.

He rates a solid B or B+ with me as president which puts him far ahead of any other POTUS in the last 50 years in my book.

I liked Reagan, it was a shame about his final years

Eastwood stated that he wasn’t interested
Schwarzenegger is ineligible because he was born an Austrian

Hmm, NPR told me this guy didn’t have a chance just a few days ago.

Your tax dollars at work!