UK would be trapped “indefinitely” in a customs union with the EU if the backstop comes into effect

Leaked Commons legal analysis of Brexit deal vindicates Trump, contradicts May and adds to Brexiteers’ concerns



I heard that May is going back to the EU to try to get more concessions and cancelling /postponing the vote in Parliament next Monday? Well we know the EU is going to tell her to get stuffed, so we will get the no deal, but this way she gets to keep her job as everything will not come to an ugly head. Crafty witch!


I’m not a Brexit expert but in my reading of the image you posted wouldn’t this make Brexit completely pointless?

(I guess that’s probably the point, if correct)

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That is exactly what the EU and the establishment are trying to achieve. The EU are an unelected and unaccountable government who rule over countries in the EU and where national parliaments are largely powerless to say no to the diktats emanating from the EU. Think more fascist state than democratic state


This is the beauty of Brexit as a political strategy. It is so basic and simple that anything contrary to it will appear as a betrayal, even to the layman.

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This is what I was saying the other day… bilateral trade deals and specifications different from the of the EC would be a non starter… Britain would be tied to any trade rules the EU chose and a true bilateral deal on product specifications, tariffs separate agreement for technology development would be off the table.

The USA and the UK already manufacture to each others standards for the purpose of export. Standard practice

I always assumed the The European Standardization System dictated the vast majority of BSI regulations and were the interface to any new standards that would be developed in the future in conjunction with the ISO. So no matter what standard the UK wanted, it must first adhere to ESS regulation and any new standard Britain might wish to push as an international standard would first have approval of the EU. ISO does not preclude bilateral development but being a member state of the EU does. It is possible that I have the powers and scope of the costumes union wrong. If so, I stand corrected as to exactly what the backstop prevents the UK from doing bilaterally other than tariff arrangements…

You are indeed correct, but only for products consumed and used in the UK and the EU. The standards applicable for exports are the standards set by the importing country. So for the USA, UK manufacturers manufacture to US standards and regulations or better

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May’s Brexit Deal Is a Betrayal of Britain By Mervyn King

“If the U.K. parliament supports her plan, it will never be forgiven.”

I listened to his interview few days back, will dig it out.



Brexit: Attorney General Admits Brexiteers Are Right On The Backstop


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Hey Dev I haven’t found a response from that treasonous bitch to this yet , have you ?

…Not a bloody word

At least I don’t need to write to my MP this time :pray:


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