UK To Censor PRIVATE Messaging Apps, All Social Media Platforms

In their latest censorship proposal, the United Kingdom will be regulating the speech of its citizens, even within private messages.

Companies that fail to live up to requirements will face huge fines, and senior directors who are proven to have been negligent will be held personally liable. They may also find access to their sites blocked (just like what happens in China)…

The regulator will be tasked with ensuring social media companies tackle a range of online problems, including:

Incitement of violence, encouragement of self-harm or suicide, spreading news that the government does not approve of, online bullying, ‘inappropriate material’ (which could be porn or just about anything else) and “abusive” content (which could be classified as anything snotty bureaucrats are offended by).

Kiss your online freedom goodbye UK. You know what? Sometimes people have to experience true evil before they understand.

Meanwhile Brits better get a hold of Tor, I2P and a private VPN. Also, having some p2p platforms backed up such as Retroshare, Tribler, Soulseek, IPFS Desktop and Fopnu might come in handy too.

I2P ->

Tor Project ->

Freenet Project ->

Beaker Browser →

IPFS -> |

IPFS Desktop ->

Zeronet ->

Tribler ->

Soulseek ->

Ares ->

Ares Galaxy ->

Fopnu ->

Retroshare -> (retroshare is full of decentralized image boards)

OpenBazaar -> (p2p web with a crypto market place)

Super Simple Server -> (decentralized web hosting)

qBittorrent ->

Tixati ->

Quazaa ->

Anomos ->

GNUnet ->

Usenet -> |

Image boards over ipfs:// ->

dat:// protocol ->

List of goodies →