Uk. no hate crime charges for axe-weilding muslims

In my area, there would be no quarter; they would be dead. Sorry, I forgot in the UK, you cannot arm yourself. How’s that workin out?

A young man who was working as a tree surgeon noticed that an elderly woman was being harassed and intimidated by a Muslim migrant man who had become enraged by her driving. Habibur Rahman, 27, was heard shouting racial abuse and obscenities at the woman when the teen felt he had to intervene.

Despite hurling racial abuses at both victims and seemingly targeting “white” victims, none of the perpetrators were charged with a hate crime. In fact, the crimes weren’t even considered racially motivated in any way.

Habibur Rahman received 4-and-a-half years in prison for assault and Zillur Rahman received 3 years for conspiracy to commit violent disorder,according to the Mirror.

Instantly, a brawl broke out between the pair, as the teen called for Habibur to leave the scared elderly woman alone. It was then that Habibur made it clear that he wouldn’t be “disrespected” on his “territory” and that there would be “swift retribution” for the heroic teen. He was also heard calling his victims “white bastards” who were in his “country.”

According to Manchester Evening News, Habibur tracked the young man to a local property upon which he and his colleague were working. He then called for his brother, 29-year-old Zillur Rahman, to summon nearly 20 fellow gang members. It was clear that the teen was in serious danger.

Mohammed Awais “Skinny” Sajid brandished an ax and other gang members revealed knives, machetes, hammers, and brass knuckles.

At Habibur’s order, all the men began beating the victim before Sajid started hacking away at him, hitting him first in the chest and shattering his ribs and collapsing his lung. Sajid then aimed for the teen’s head but was prevented by the young man’s arm, which led to his hand being hacked off.

Well then - maybe the Brits should be taught about how England sided with a genocidal rootless international clique and Communists to commit untold levels of atrocity against their European brothers, sisters and children, ushering in the diseased, Satanic, mongrelized society they have inherited today.


America and Europe have this Gotham City vibe going on. The people would be perfectly capable of destroying the criminals - if they were allowed to. But law enforcement protects the criminal classes. Your real obstacle then is not the criminals but the law enforcement. They are what stands in the way of a solution.

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We fought the nazis so communists and foreigners could tell us Europe is “too European.” Never forget that.

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Too many civilized countries have developed unlimited capacities for suffering. All it costs are the lives of legal law abiding citizens.

How was this not attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder?

I know UK laws are different than ours but should this not be the equivalent of attempted murder?

4 and 3 years is it?

What lunacy!

LOL, I reply to posts as I read them. Didn’t see you ask the same question before I responded :wink:

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Great minds… . :grinning:

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I know UK laws are different than ours but should this not be the equivalent of attempted murder?

**4 and 3 years is it? **

What lunacy!

It’s because we’ve run out of prison places. There will always be a cell found for Julian Assange though.

Who exactly is “we”? You’re not American.

No, “we” haven’t run out of prison space by a long shot and if we ever do we can build more.

You know by now that I’m a Brit, so ‘we’ in the context means we Brits? :roll_eyes:

Jim, Jim - calm down. Remember - ‘All human life is sacred, sayeth the lord.’?

Wouldn’t the key word be “human”?