UK general election

. . . lies, damned lies, and statistics? Here’s the latest crap from the so-called prime minister -

“Tories pledge whole life term for premeditated murder of a child”

He knows as well as we do that there aren’t enough prison places; we’d need at least 4 new prisons . . . as well as the ‘200 new hospitals’ he has promised? Once a liar, always a liar!! It just shows how much raw contempt they have for us that they think we’ll believe all these preposterous ‘pledges’. I’ll be wasting my vote, but I will not vote for liars nor for traitors to govern my country. If it isn’t a Brexit government it’ll be a Mickey Mouse government whichever party wins, and I’ll have no part of the farce - it’s a travesty of the word ‘democracy’ and I curse those especially Blair who’ve been instrumental in bringing my country to what’s now little better than a fucking banana state.

This morning I had an inspiration: I stated on another thread that I went to some effort to ensure I’m registered on the Electoral Roll so I can vote for the Brexit Party, only to discover that they won’t have a candidate for this constituency. That was a ‘doh!’ moment for me. But after Johnson’s clarion call yesterday to ‘don’t waste your vote’, I’ll use it by writing on the ballot form ‘NONE of the above.’ Blimey I’m so smart it frightens me! :sunglasses:

Time to think different. A small number of constituencies have far right party (BNP, National Front etc) candidates standing.

I’m going to write on my ballot paper this morning - NONE OF THE ABOVE. I will not endorse a duplicitous proven liar, nor a traitor, as PM of my country. Since I can’t vote for the Brexit Party, I won’t vote at all. So suck on that!

I might not add the final exclamation - depends how I feel in the voting booth. :wink:

Why is it you can’t vote brexit party?

It’s so complicated I can barely understand it myself; but Farage made an agreement with Johnson not to contest certain conservative constituencies because tactical voting might result in them being won by the Labour party, and mine is one which isn’t being contested by the Brexit Party.

Well that’s as clear as mud. Thanks for the attempt but I won’t trouble you about it further. :+1:

I don’t blame you! It’s as clear as mud to me too, but it’s something to do with ‘splitting the vote’, as it’s called.

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Did you vote today

Which party or an independent candidate?

I did cast my vote today, I won’t reveal who I’ve voted for OPSEC reasons.

(reason is, revealing the candidate name can expose where you live such as your constituency)

Most of the Brexiteers (Nigel Farage and UKIP types) will vote Tory to keep Labour out.

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Do you have any updates on this so far? Where does it stand now?

Dianne Abbot voted wearing ODD SHOES.

Not only did she mix things up, but she wore a left shoe on her right foot.

Does anyone really trust Labour to run the country?



Nice to see you guys elect completely incompetent morons over there too. How is the election going? Lots of illegal migrants voting for free stuff?

That, my friend, is incredibly accurate !

A few years back I started doing that on the local government election ballots. I can’t have been alone because one year there actually was a “none of the above” selection. :rofl:

Take a step back and the answer to Monte’s question is very simple: there is no Brexit Party candidate in your electoral ward, so you are unable to vote for them.

You were actually answering the question, ‘why is there no Brexit Party candidate’. That is another can of worms.

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For those who haven’t seen this, its entertainment value is first class. IMHO

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Illegals are not permitted to vote. A person has to be registered, and having residential rights is one of the qualifiers … which does not mean that there are none.

At the time of writing the polls are open for another 2 hours. About 4 hours after they close the first results might start but probably not until 0600 GMT will any obvious trend be visible. So if you are living in Pacific Time there should be quite a few results in by your bed time, other wise wait until tomorrow like the rest of us. :+1:

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CON: 368 (+50)
LAB: 191 (-71)
SNP: 55 (+20)
LD: 13 (+1)
PC: 3 (-1)
GRN: 1 (NC)




  1. The BBC/ITV/Sky News exit poll predicts a Tory majority of 86 in the election
  2. It suggests the Conservatives will gain 50 seats, to have 368 MPs and Labour will lose 71 to have 191 MPs
  3. Labour is thought to have lost most support in Leave-voting areas
  4. The SNP are expected to advance strongly in Scotland, with 55 MPs
  5. The Lib Dems appear to be heading for a disappointing night says polling expert Prof John Curtice
  6. The exit poll also says the Brexit Party is unlikely to win any seats

This apparently is bigger than what is initially being reported.

Congratulations, Brits! This is inspirational for all of us who want to defeat the entrenched powers that be who believe they are powerful enough to thwart democracy.

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Brits are literally on suicide watch rn