UK coronavirus live news: Hancock says follow the rules or we'll ban all exercise outside

Oh well, I guess we all knew that would come next? I don’t mind getting unsolicited advice from a wise man, or in this particular case an epidemiologist. but fuck getting it from a dimwitted bureaucrat who’s less intelligent than me.
Stay in, Protect the NHS, Save lives. You know it makes sense?

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“Coronavirus: Five London bus workers die, union confirms”

And if you don’t believe it, here’s a pic of two busses to prove it. What would we do without the BBC to keep us up with the fake news? :rofl:

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So a small sample of people is being used to take more rights away from EVERYONE?

The Tories may be finished by this. Quite possibly finished permanently if the economy obliterates.

Who would that leave to champion Brexit realistically? UKIP probably. Maybe are Nige too.

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