UK: Child Rape Gangs Not in the Public Interest

Of course they won’t release the details. They fear the backlash and rise in nationalism it would cause amongst Britons so instead they hide the truth from us. Scum.

Grooming gang review kept secret as Home Office claims releasing findings ‘not in public interest’

The government is refusing to release official research on the characteristics of grooming gangs, claiming it is not in the “public interest”.

Survivors accused ministers of making “empty promises”, while a man who prosecuted abusers in Rochdale called for the Home Office to “show some courage and publish” its findings.

It comes after The Independent revealed that almost 19,000 suspected child sexual exploitation victims were identified by local authorities in just one year, sparking renewed calls for prevention efforts.

What the hell is wrong with the UK? This has been reported on for years and there are literally thousands and thousands of victims, all underage girls that in some cases have been beaten, tortured, and raped thousands of times by hundreds of men.

They don’t view the girls as human because they aren’t Muslim. Gee, it would be really terrible if this started happening to young Muslim girls. That wouldn’t get Mohammed’s attention at all.

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There is a YouTube video by a guy named (WE GOT A PROBLEM) who has been making informative videos on this recently he normally covers brexit some of the things the judges say to the families of the victims are disgusting I will not repeat them here the UK has a massive problem and the authorities are covering it up to try to stop community relations degrading even more than they currently are

I do not want to be in internet big man but ultimately the current situation is not sustainable and
could potentiallyy to big problems if the authorities and politicians do not get their act together

On a slightly different note just to give foreigners a idea of how protected the British Muslim community is by authority and politicians in the UK David (the token black guy) lammy a labour politician try to report a leave EU organisation to the police under hate speech laws because the organisation made a tweet saying the Labour party (the UK equivalent of the democrats)no longer cares about anti-semitism within their own party because they are more concerned with keeping the Muslim vote

A different labour politician (a Asian women) liked a tweet staying white rape victim from grooming gang should shut up for the good of diversity

Me even repeating this information could get me into trouble under a Labour government that’s how bad it is here thank god we do not have a Labour government

I agree. And why are we letting them come into our nation as well? They dominate in many parts around Michigan and they are expanding in Maine. They don’t belong in our culture. We may have freedom of religion, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow all religions in, if Islam is even a religion at all, of course.

The guy who stabbed that ‘call to prayer’ (fucked if I know what they’re called, but I mean the ones who use amplifiers in minarets which push out a zillion dBs 5 times a day?) probably got pissed off by being woken up by the first one at dawn every morning. That’s something else we’ll have to get used to when it becomes widespread.

It’s a big subject of course, but I sense that it has something to do with the dilution and eventual destruction of western cultures. But I can’t quite put my finger on the real reason for it.

That’s it in a nutshell; plus the fact that child abuse goes higher in society than we dare to contemplate.

I really hope you folks get turned around.

I have to wonder what it will take and what your boiling point is.

So far, it looks to be a lot of complaining but no action aside from pissing and moaning.

Assholes are too worried about be PC .

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I’ll tell you why we only ‘piss and moan’ - it’s because it costs so much to take on the Establishment in the courts. I watched a ‘So What You’re Saying Is. . .?’ Youtube vid last night about an ordinary taxpaying guy who was accused and persecuted by our useless fucking police of Thought Crime because of something he posted on Twitter. His purely reasonable defence was ignored by the plod, who padded it out with outright lies, and he had to pay £150,000 to defend himself in (I think the Royal Court of Justice, but maybe it’s the High Court, but it doesn’t matter - who the hell can find that kind of money?) This country has gone insane with mindless bureaucracy.

I note that ex-MP David Steele suddenly resigned from the Lords yesterday for 'doing nothing (when he was leader of the Liberal Party) about fellow MP Cyril Smith abusing (and I think raping) children: but the killer question at the time of the scandal 20 years ago was never even asked, never mind answered, and that simple question is ‘WHY did you do nothing?’

I live in Pa’s Coal Regions; and there is an entirely different mind set here, when it comes to protecting children. Dregs of humanity like these knuckle draggers, would run the risk of being found at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. PA’s Coal Regions; the only Old West Towns East of the Mississippi.

It’s precisely the reason they come here: when (not if) they abuse children in their own countries they’d be hunted down and killed with extreme prejudice: here they get a few months in the slammer segregated from the other inmates the easier to collectively indulge their perverse fantasies, with 4 square meals a day, a fully fitted gymnasium to keep fit, no utilities to pay, priority health care whilst inside, and let out after serving half their sentence period. And all of it thanks to the generosity of the British taxpayers. Welcome to the fucking madhouse!

It also proves that a real rape culture actually exists and is ignored by feminists, the media, politicians, and police for years.

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Yes, but in all fairness, the police ‘take this kind of thing extremely seriously’ (their mindless Mission Statement? :roll_eyes: lol) It’s just they can’t be bothered to actually do anything about whatever it is they’re taking seriously . . . which is effing everything!

I watched a Youtube vid last night about how Tommy Robinson, addressing a Norwegian audience, was well and truly persecuted by the establishment to shut him up; and he proved every single incident with the indisputable evidence of other videotaped footage.

And I’ve just thought of something else: of all the social media platforms there are, at the behest of various elitists he’s been banned from everyone of them except Youtube. If that doesn’t prove how much they wanted to silence him to prevent him countering their lies, I don’t know what will?

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Have you seen Tommy Robinson just got arrested at centre parcs for restraining some guy that allegedly admitted to touch Tommy 8-year olds daughters bum the UK is a absolute mess no wonder the Americans take the piss out of us

For another car crash interview have a look at Tommy Robinson on RT he makes these globalist pigs look like fools it’s how they pretend to not understand basic statistics it’s amazing how stupid they think the general public is

Probably like me, anyone interested in this subject must have realised how far to the top it goes? Watch the following Youtube video and you’ll find out:

It’s 42 minutes long, but compulsive viewing all the way. A society that abuses its most vulnerable members, such as the youngest and the oldest, is a society at the cusp of extinction.

NB I thought this was the one I watched last night, and I don’t have time to look for it. This one is only 20 minutes long, not 42, but I’d guess the main thrust is the same.
FOUND IT. This is the one 39 mins.