UFO's Really Do Exist!

Say what you want, believe what you want, but I saw a real UFO! The night was really cold three miles out of Seward, Alaska, the moon was bright, one could see the snow-covered mountains, the snow crunched underneath my feet as I jogged along the Seward-Anchorage highway heading north.Then I saw it, a very bright light, brighter than an aircraft landing light. The light was low and zig-zagged back and forth. I thought the bright light was over Big Bear Lake, about four miles from where I was Jogging. I wondered if it could be a helicopter looking for some lost soul. Then something happened that blew my mind: the light went behind a mountain, and I knew that that mountain was 30 miles away! The light came out on the other side, by the Kenai Lakeside, it proceeded over the lake a short space then shot up at an acute angle at high speed, faster than a jet plane, there was no sound. I was jogging by a high hill with tall trees, the light went behind the trees and then I could not see the light any more. The U.S government fake UFO’s whenever they need support for their space programs, which happened quite recently. Some of these so-called UFO sightings are so fakey looking it is ridiculous. But what I saw was not fake, it was not an earthbound aircraft, it was not a star or meteor, it was a real honest to goodness UFO, and to this day I believe it was not of this earth. And as I said, believe what you want.

I saw a whole bunch of them in the skies over Nevada, NM, AZ etc, and I’m sure they were manned by the US Air Force.
Such UFOs were reverse engineered from various crashed alien UFOs.

I’ve seen them too, but they’re of terrestrial origin.