UFO, UFO, what's plain hysteria and what's hidden agenda?

Wernher von Braun knew the agenda:
The communist threat
The terrorist Islamist threat
The asteroid threat
and, finally, the alien invasion threat.

I heard of a variant. Friendly alien ships land in big cities and announce (in the local language) that they are willing to take an X number of citizens to a safe location in space, because this planet has become too dangerous due to chemical pollution. But the people the aliens are willing to take have to be good citizens and vaxxed and boostered at least 3 times. LOL

All psyops to create distractions. From the same playbook.

Interesting they never change the playbook or agenda set decades ago. They must follow through like idiots.

Biden incapable of dealing with realities in Sudan, North Korea among various places in the world. Is he capable of dealing with issues in the US? I don’t think so.

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People in the past drew what they saw