UFO, UFO, what's plain hysteria and what's hidden agenda?

Wernher von Braun knew the agenda:
The communist threat
The terrorist Islamist threat
The asteroid threat
and, finally, the alien invasion threat.

I heard of a variant. Friendly alien ships land in big cities and announce (in the local language) that they are willing to take an X number of citizens to a safe location in space, because this planet has become too dangerous due to chemical pollution. But the people the aliens are willing to take have to be good citizens and vaxxed and boostered at least 3 times. LOL

All psyops to create distractions. From the same playbook.

Interesting they never change the playbook or agenda set decades ago. They must follow through like idiots.

Biden incapable of dealing with realities in Sudan, North Korea among various places in the world. Is he capable of dealing with issues in the US? I don’t think so.

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People in the past drew what they saw

Well now, what do we have here?

This is the best one yet!

This is a UFO sighting map of the world. What does this tell you?

The US is full of shit and aliens are bullshit.


There have been quite a few sightings in Brazil as well.

UFO crashes happened in Russia (Soviet Union) and China and the governments also tried to reverse-engineer the craft. We don’t know the exact results of such activities.

In Nazi Germany things didn’t go the same way. There was a blonde woman (I forgot her name) who actively “channeled” the information from the aliens. Some believe she was one of them.

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Why do these guys have the same hair cuts.

The aliens are among us, meaning there are alien civilizations on earth. Like in deep underground, at the bottom of very deep lakes and under the seabed.

We know more about the surface of the moon than what’s in the deep sea. Like the water temperature in deep Atlantic has been steadily dropping, a telltale sign of serious global cooling while the surface temperature really doesn’t matter. (But it’s another story).

Pardon my French. You should be able to get the computer translation into English.

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ANYTHING to divert attention. LOL

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Just for the record, I do believe in UFO’s and find the topic rather fascinating, but our Government likes to use this subject matter to create distractions and exploit the masses with sometimes hysteria and other emotional triggering events.

Maria Orsic was the name of the channeler for the Nazis.
She disappeared as Germany’s military defeat loomed near.

What group of aliens was she representing? Some say she was one of the Aldebarans, a splinter group of the Pleiadeans. Interestingly, the Swiss contactee, Billy Meier, also seems to associate with the Aldebarans who have an affinity with the Germans.

Never to be found again? Disappeared without a trace?

I heard someone saw her in the US, working with the Germans. (Operation Paperclip)

Under the Baltic Sea, there seems to be a base for Aldebarans. There was an East German youth, living near the coast in 1950s, taken to outer space on a UFO, and he said that the “aliens” didn’t look alien, and that they spoke German, etc.

There was also an account (on Australian Nexus Magazine) of an East German man who saw a small UFO on the beach which a young woman was working on. The craft apparently had a breakdown but she told the man not to come near. She fixed the craft herself and flew into the sea.

The sea is a perfect hiding place for alien spacecrafts.

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