Two US RINO Republican Senators Perdue and Daines Travel to China to Undercut Trump on Trade Negotiations

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He met with a delegation led by US Senator Steve Daines and Senator David Perdue here on Tuesday.

Liu, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, said Sino-US relations are related to the stability and prosperity of the world…

…Speaking of the great importance of US-China relations, Daines, also co-chair of the US House of Senate US-China Working Group, and Perdue, said they are not willing to see economic and trade conflicts between the two sides, adding that they will continue to play positive roles in deepening mutual understanding and promoting the development of bilateral relations.

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Never heard of either of them.

But this type of CRAP explains why Trump can’t get a damn thing through Congress.

A shitload of “republicans” are actually Democrats.

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It would be a real shame if these two anti-American SOBs lost their primary races in whatever States they slithered out of.

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Been complaining about that since before day number one of his term!

Revoke their travel visa! If they love our adversaries so much, just let China keep them!

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I seriously doubt they are smart enough to get past the killers in Ross and Lighthizer.

What people need to understand is the difference between Wall Street and Main street economics. IN this stunning interviewwith Marty Davis. This is a must watch, Mr Davis makes some pretty remarkable comments that even makes Bartiromo Uncomfortable, but its the truth in regards to what is happening with China and the trade standoff.


Cambria CEO Marty Davis: “You cannot have free trade with a dictatorship that is harvesting the prosperity of an American Democracy

How are they undermining Trump’s negotiations exactly?

Aside from your question, the thing that pisses me off the most about the wall street d-bags attacking Trump, is people like Hank Paulson, Larry Summers ya know those guys from the 2008 financial crisis who hoodwinked the American Tax payers in the bank bailouts? Yeah those people! They should be the last ones to be criticizing Trump’s policies in trying to fix this mess with China. They essentially are the faces that created the exodus of American wealth and jobs and IMO deserve nothing but scorn from the American public for their treasonous behavior! I find them as well as others I am not mentioning here despicable people and IMO are not Americans but traitors to our country! Unfreaking believable that these two have the balls to make their criticisms public!

I’m just talking about Perdue and Daines.

No argument from me about the crafters of our financial meltdown, they need to shut the hell up and go away.