Two Races – Pelosi and Schiff Are Racing Court Rulings For Impeachment Vote, and IG Report for Narrative

Prior to this article being published by Sundance from the CTH, I had always had a theory about why Democrats were so insistent on pushing the Impeachment narrative, as many of you here have discussed here before on this forum, was to divert attention from a potential bombshell that the IG report is about to reveal and the Durham report which is to soon follow. Now with the impeachment hearings about to wrap up and House members breaking for the Holidays, the race is on for who is going to seize control of the narrative of the the political theater that we are currently witnessing, such as these sham impeachment hearings, or the IG report release and the testimony of its author that will follow.

Dec 3rd is a confirmed date in which the IG report will be released to the public followed by the Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify on the 9th.

So there are two races.

:diamonds: One race within the Trump impeachment is for the narrative: Trump Impeachment -vs- DOJ/FISA corruption against Trump. This is the race everyone is discussing.

:diamonds: The second race within the Trump impeachment is legal: Pelosi, Schiff and ultimately Nadler -vs- the Judicial branch. This is the race few are watching, but actually could be far more consequential because it could invalidate the entire HPSCI process.

For a further deep dive here is the linked article and the calendar of events that is up for house votes in December.