Two Nations Created for Divide and Conquer Strategy (Igniting a Race War)

In case you have missed it as many have tuned out this years Superbowl, myself included and probably for good reason, there were two National Anthems that were played. One for blacks (sung by Rhianna) and the other… well you know that song called “The Star Spangled Banner.”

The point is is if we as a nation are going to start entertaining the idea that we have two national anthems based on race then we essentially cease being a nation at all.

So what does this really mean? The NFL which up until this point was as American as Chevy Malibu and Apple pie, but the fact they allowed this to happen undermines that perception altogether and says in the broader narrative they are part of a larger paradigm of ESG, Woke Politics along with fueling a divisive issue that is based on false pretenses to begin with.

This shameful display is more emblematic of a larger more sinister plan at work here that is just part of the bigger objective of keeping the country divided and further driving a wedge with the use of tribal politics.

Michael Knowles further ask this question in a broader sense in what will this mean going forward. “This idea does not end well”

Amazing 13% of the population dominating ALL of entertainment and the air waves .
The nfl decided to put the drug dealer JZ on the board and he dictate ALL super bowl halftime shows , black of course !!! :yawning_face:

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Nevertheless, pushing for two separate National Anthems based on race is extremely troubling on so many fronts.


If people want this race baiting shit to stop then they need to turn off the NFL, stop buying tickets to games, stop buying team merchandise, and blast the NFL on social media 24/7.

None of that is gonna happen, so continue to enjoy the Black National Anthem.

I’ve got better things to do.

The point is to draw attention to how black people are given different and usually poor treatment, by so many whites in the US: start talking about how to change that, for everyone’s benefit.

Boo-fuckin-hoo. Blacks have been getting pampered by this country for decades. They get loads of government handouts, are accepted into elite colleges despite having dog shit tier academic performance, get hired by top corporations with exceptionally high salaries for no reason other than being black, and are literally on every god damn TV commercial, show, movie, music video, and sport I can think of…all while shitting on this country and whining about being victims. Truly, the most useless and inept group of people ever to exist.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the black-on-white crime rates.

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LOL… I knew it wouldn’t take long for one of you simps to show up.

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Provide two examples, compare and contrast each.

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Ok, but…

  • You can’t lose your social media accounts for criticizing White people
  • You can’t lose your job for criticizing White people
  • You can’t be thrown out of school/university for criticizing White people
  • Not one single country on earth will imprison you for criticizing White people
  • You can’t be charged with a hate-crime for physically attacking White people

Yet we’re supposed to believe in systemic White supremacy?

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Equal opportunity failed to prove the liberal worldview correct so now they’re just waging open war on meritocracy.


No that is not the point. We are a sovereign country with one national anthem and one flag. If you want your own flag and anthem then move to a different fucking country! And stop using race as an excuse to continue being a victim!

Are you really that dumb?

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All the diversity jobs are essentially stealth welfare.

They get hired to not do anything but on paper, it looks like they have a job instead of being on the dole.

Really it is just the government out-sourcing the burden to the private sector.