Twitter Wants to Control Speech. Breaking – Trump preparing mystery ‘executive order’ aimed at Twitter…

Why this news? What happened all of a sudden to spurn this reaction from the President? Twitter a few days ago, stepped in with a fact check when it pertained to voter ID and mail in ballot votes that Trump was advocating that voter fraud will happen if allowed to be law in the general elections. The egregious part of this is the fact Twatter is using CNN to conduct such fact checks on its platform. Enough, is enough and something has to be done in order to stop tech companies from their obvious overreach and abuses.

Sen Josh Hawley has the right idea.

Here are some more facts to keep in mind that has elevated the issue on whether Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube should continue to have special privilege of not being liable for suits.

  1. They are editorializing

  2. They are Censoring

  3. They are aiding the CCP in relation to providing technology being used in surveillance of 1+ Million Uyrgurs who currently are imprisoned and whose rights are being violated.

  4. They are a publisher.

  5. They selling your information to third parties.

So why isn’t the tech companies being called out for their hypocrisy and for violating privacy laws?

US Big Tech Aiding Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Firms, Report Says

Apparently there is more to the Twitter story than meets the eye!

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Dan Bongino is right.

Let’s hope that is all the E.O. covers.

I am hoping it has some teeth, but this crap has gone on long enough! They shouldn’t be allowed to continue with special status that shields them from lawsuits while at the same time violating the status of being a platform if now they decide to be editorializing and getting into the fray of political elections. They can’t have it both ways. To them, “Some animals are more equal than others?”

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DRAFT-EO-Preventing-Online-Censorship.pdf (1.2 MB)


If this is what it says…it’s huge. In the case of Twitter, they would be legally responsible if somebody posted infringing or illegal material on the site. And there’s definitely no group of shitposting autistic people who’d be actively trying to circumvent their imperfect AI content filters to do just that. Meaning they’d have to have moderators verify every single tweet, meaning probably hours long delays with how fucking many tweets there are, which would instantly drive everyone to a platform that doesn’t do that. Brilliant.

If Obama made wholly false claims on twitter or accused a former congressman of murder without any proof, the FR would be applauding Twitter’s actions…:roll_eyes:

Twitter has been censoring and shadow banning everyone slightly to the right of Elizabeth Warren for years now. This action is long overdue.


Well they sure got a late start on Trump.

He has 80m followers and uses Twitter as a megaphone to the public.

They screwed up when they started editorializing. That’s a violation of the communications decency act. Specifically section 230 of the communications decency act.


Yep they sure did and they opened that can of worms that ultimately they are going to eat.

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Why hasn’t the FCC previously dealt with that…

That can be used against forums with TOS to.

No it can’t. Forums are protected by the CDA as our posts aren’t editorialized by the staff.

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We are the publishers on this site. It’s why the mods never post or start threads. They aren’t retarded. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube employees frequently post on those sites and control / edit the content. That’s what makes them a publisher and not a platform.

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Have you read the terms of service here? They are on point. It specifically says that you are responsible for what you post, not the site administrators, which is exactly what the CDA says.

What the social media companies are doing is determining what you are allowed to post and then claiming that you are still responsible for all your posts. If they are deciding what’s allowed to be posted, then they are the ones responsible for what is posted.

The only prohibitions here are on things that are already illegal and not protected by the First Amendment. Everything else is fine.

So, just to be clear, POTUS didn’t do jack shit about all the tech censorship of conservatives for 3 1/2 years… until it affected him personally. (I guess the rest of us Americans never really mattered?)

And then he finally acts (sort of) with an executive order… that he could have done at any time?

There was never a question that the Dem politicos are corrupt, elitist, murderous pieces of shit… but every day it looks more and more like Trump and the GOP (and Q) are too, and have just taken us for a ride.

“The consent of the governed”? Well, I withdraw my consent.

Better late then never.

New Update on what the EO actually says.

Key elements of the executive order

– Establishes the fact that tech platforms are the modern-day “public square” in which public debate and free speech must be allowed to flourish.

– Confirms that protecting free speech is “essentially to sustaining our democracy,” which is the exact point I’ve been making recently in articles and videos. We cannot have “fair and free elections” without a free speech landscape. Under the current degree of censorship in America, all elections are null and void.

– States that the politically biased censorship of the tech giants is, “un-American and anti-democratic.” Characterizes Big Tech’s censorship as “a dangerous power.”

– Points out how Big Tech is favoring China and even protecting the speech of communist regimes while censoring the speech of freedom-loving Americans. “Several online platforms are profiting from and promoting the aggression and disinformation spread by foreign governments like China.” See my related article, “Big Tech Goes Pinko” for more details.

From the EO:

Google, for example, created a search engine for the Chinese Communist Party, which blacklisted searches for “human rights,” hid data
unfavorable to the Chinese Communist Party, and tracked users determined appropriate for surveillance. Google has also established research partnerships in China that provide direct benefits to the Chinese military. For their part, Facebook and Twitter have accepted advertisements paid for by the Chinese Government that spread false information about China’s mass imprisonment of religious minorities. Twitter has also amplified China’s propaganda abroad, including by allowing Chinese government officials to use its platform to undermine pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

– Establishes that it is the policy of the U.S. government, “that lawful content should be free from censorship in our digital marketplace of ideas. As a Nation, we must foster and protect diverse viewpoints in today’s digital communications environment where all Americans can and should have a voice.”

– Calls for the scope of Sec. 230 of the CDA to be “clarified.” States that the selective censorship and editorializing of the tech platforms causes those platforms to be, “engaged in editorial conduct,” from which they should not enjoy Sec. 230 legal immunity from lawsuits. “such a provider forfeits any protection from being deemed a “publisher or speaker” under subsection 230©(1).”

– Calls for all government regulators to apply this strict interpretation to enforcing Sec. 230, meaning that any tech platform that engages in political censorship or flagging of content for reasons related to viewpoints should be subject to civil lawsuits.

– Calls on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to file a petition for rulemaking with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), asking the FCC to clarify Sec. 230 interpretation in a way that would preclude political bias, viewpoint censorship or similar actions on the part of the tech giants.

– Furthermore calls on the FCC to establish rules under which users of tech platforms such as Facebook would have to be given adequate notice and an “opportunity to be heard” so that tech giants can’t merely blacklist entire channels without warning and without explanation.

– Calls for prohibiting all federal ad spending on digital platforms that do not respect this interpretation of Sec. 230 and free speech.

– Calls on “large social media platforms,” specifically naming Facebook and Twitter, to be considered the, “functional equivalent of a traditional public forum” and demands that they, “should not infringe on protected speech.” In this context, the word “protected” implies First Amendment protections.

– Orders the creation of a new complaint department to be run by the White House Office of Digital Strategy which will forward censorship and bias complaints to the FCC. “The White House Office of Digital Strategy shall reestablish the White House Tech Bias Reporting Tool to collect complaints of online censorship and other potentially unfair or deceptive acts or practices by online platforms and shall submit complaints received to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).”

– Calls on the FTC to “prohibit unfair and deceptive acts or practices” that affect commerce. This is a broad order with potentially enormous implications, especially considering that platforms like Facebook, which censor truthful speech about vaccine risks, for example, is run by people like Mark Zuckerberg who have a financial stake in vaccine companies. Facebook’s censorship of speech that criticizes vaccines is, of course, anti-competitive and antitrust behavior which is subject to prosecution by the FTC.

– Instructs the FTC to crack down on the deceptive promises made by social media platforms (i.e. telling users they are free to speak) while in reality those platforms practice politically-motivated censorship that contradicts their public promises. This constitutes “deceptive practices” which the FTC may choose to prosecute.

– Directs the FTC to consider criminal violations by Twitter and other large social media platforms which are engaging in deceptive and unfair marketing and commerce practices that violate U.S. law. Calls for the FTC to issue a public report about its findings after investigating possible criminal violations.

– Calls on the DOJ to work with Attorneys General of U.S. states to create a “working group” to pursue Big Tech violations of state laws regarding unfair practices and “deceptive acts.”

– Directs the White House Office of Digital Strategy to collect user complaints and forward those complaints to the DOJ working group that’s cooperating with state Attorneys General.

This from the Online website.

This from Mike Adams:

TEN URGENT ACTION ITEMS to defend your freedom… do this now or lose your liberty forever

What’s clear from this executive order is that the fuel which will drive all these processes carried out by the White House, the FCC and the FTC will be user reports of censorship and bias .

In other words, even as Trump is laying out the framework for the federal government to aggressively crack down on censorship and bias by the tech giants, the government won’t be able to get much done without a flood of user complaints .

Thus, we are encouraging all readers to take the following actions:

1) DOCUMENT every instance of censorship, bias, blacklisting and de-platforming that has happened to you or your business over the last several years.

2) GATHER screen shots, on-screen messages, “fact check” flags and other evidence that can support your censorship complaint.

3) PREPARE to submit your complaints to the White House Office of Digital Strategy once a new complaint process is announced and made publicly available. (We don’t know the timeline of this, but Trump appears to be motivated to move quickly).

4) ENCOURAGE all others who have been impacted by the malicious, un-American censorship of the tech giants to take these same actions and prepare their evidence and complaints.

5) SHARE this article if you are able. While Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and other tech giants have maliciously and repeatedly de-platformed my voice and my websites, the following site is co-publishing this story and you may be able to share it from there:

6) MOVE your channels to alternative platforms. Leave Facebook and bring your followers to Leave YouTube and bring your videos and viewers to Consider the growing ecosystem of other independent platforms.

7) SELL all stocks of Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Vimeo and other tech giants that engage in speech suppression and malicious censorship. Do not invest your financial future in their model of oppressing basic human rights.

8) CONDEMN those who work for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Vimeo and other malicious censorship platforms for their complicity in empowering evil, authoritarian regimes that crush human freedom and censor important human rights voices like Jennifer Zeng. Today, anyone who works for the tech giants is morally no different than someone who worked for the Nazi regime in 1939, for example.

9) SUPPORT the efforts of Sen. Josh Hawley and Rep. Matt Gaetz for their passionate efforts to revoke Sec. 230 protections from the tech giants and restore a level playing field of free speech for America. Tell your representatives in Congress that you demand the revocation of Sec. 230 and a new law to protect free speech across online platforms.

10) VOICE YOUR SUPPORT for President Trump’s actions to defend the free speech of all Americans. Thank Trump for this decisive action and encourage him to pursue it with courage, even if the stock prices of the tech giants fall. There is no greater and more important fight for our future than the fight to defend the First Amendment and your right to speak without interference by malicious, communist-infiltrated corporations like Twitter and Facebook. President Trump is taking bold action, and he desperately needs our encouragement and support to see this through.

If President Trump doesn’t win in November, free speech will be obliterated in America for generations to come

Finally, realize that if President Trump loses the November election, a Democrat president will reverse all this and allow the tech giants to pursue an endless, aggressive expansion of malicious censorship. That will no doubt end either in mass genocide or an armed uprising and civil war across America. Neither outcome is good for our future.

It now appears that the political survival of President Trump in the upcoming election is, indeed, the only path by which the free speech of the American people can be restored.

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He doesn’t give a shit about anything unless it personally affects him…