Twitter Legal Warns Michelle Malkin Not to Violate Pakistani Sharia Laws


I quit Twitter after they demanded I delete 2 tweets they considered offensive to Muslims.




She wrote in response: “I have written to Twitter’s legal & media relations departments seeking answers and comment on why American citizens who use their service are now subject to Pakistan’s oppressive anti-blasphemy laws. No response yet

Just my theory, but libs want an authority figure. They want to be oppressed, guided and told what to do. They want and need to be told by an authority figure what is right and what is wrong.


Well guess what Twitter… we don’t live in Pakistan and your sharia law is null and void under the constitution so take your Islamic bullshit and shove it!

Islam is a plague masquerading as a religion. A plague of lies, corruption, intolerance, hate, fear, abuse, torture, rape, slavery, female mutilation, perversion, pedophilia, bestiality, violence, bloody murder, war and every form of evil.


No, they don’t want to be oppressed, they want to oppress others.


Trump should find a new platform to replace his use of Twitter. Every journalist, political junkie, Trump hater, and politician will adopt it as well. Other country leaders will as well. Guaranteed. Then their friends will as well…then theirs, etc.

Let Twitter get rich off of kids posting tweets about the size of someone’s ass.


I was thinking the same thing and couldn’t agree more. Him changing platforms would instantly make the new platform popular and increase traffic of new subscribers to it and send Twitter stocks tumbling. I really wish he would do it, it would be one of the biggest gestures of kindness he could do to send silicon valley a sharp message.


Libs like to laugh at this suggestion and cite some measure of Twitter traffic total compared to Trump related traffic. But they miss the point that Trump does not need to be the ostensible topic of a tweet in order to be counted as a product of Trump’s tweeting.

It’s just like tiers of support businesses that spring up around a major company. For example, a dry cleaner may never even think about the widget company down the street as he cleans the suits of that company’s execs. And same for the provider of dry cleaning fluid that the laundry uses. And the delivery man who brings the dry cleaning fluid. And the car salesman who sells the delivery truck. And the service station that maintains the truck. And the grocery store employees who provide household products and food to the service people, the truck salesman, the delivery man, the laundry supply salesman, the dry cleaner, and all their families… none of whom care about widgets. Likewise the POTUS will initially draw the obvious crowd, then the next tier, etc.


Perhaps we could talk him into using this site! :rofl:


Well Libs afterall have become rather predictable in their retorts and rebuttals to anything that might offer better alternative solutions.

Excellent and articulated well defined picture on how it all works. Everyone is feeding the eco-system of supply and demand, and Twitter is no different in terms of seeking other competitors who offer a better service. The Tech giants are currently practicing tyranny because they have monopolized the market place and are big enough to suppress other would be competitors. IMO the real solution is to break up the big tech monopolies and problems of Twitter and Facebook’s systemic censorship will be mitigated. Hence why Trump going to another platform would be such a great idea, he more than anyone understands Fair competition in a free market system.


Twitter , Facebook , Google are ALL arms of the nutty liberals snowflakes !


As I wrote recently: it may be a stereotype but it is an accurate one that so-called progressives will actively deny facts in order to avoid being accused of believing stereotypes … at least about Islam.

You need look no further that the report about the Fort Hood shooter or the experiences of Stephen Coughlin who was shoved aside of daring to report facts about Islamic doctrines actually believed by Muslims or advanced by the OIC.

Or, for that matter, this CAIR-like bunch with hope in its name that’s become so powerful over British leftwingers and other Islamolameists.