Twitter hearings: Why are republicans so ill prepared for this Twitter hearing? ๐Ÿ…

Democrats and left wing admins at twitter entire reason for censorship is because it could lead to violence, that miss information could lead to violence. Based on their own words! They would have to ban 90% of left wing users, almost all violence is only coming from left wing controlled areas with a small population of ppl.

Yet republicans have yet to ask them why they havenโ€™t removed a democrat.

Absolutely pathetic show. They sound stupid and giving democrats a platform for slander trump.

Mtg needs to work on her questions, be prepared hunnie

Welcome to the official twitter hearing topic.

Republicans need to come stronger today.

This is why we need trump to win โ€ฆ again

What will you do if he doesnโ€™t win again?

Itโ€™s trump or Biden. Iโ€™ll
Die on the field

Promises, promisesโ€ฆlol.

Look forward to the next meeting

Nothing changes unless you change the two-party system.
In the US, UK, Australia, etc., etc.

The two-party system is a fraud from the get-go.
It merely gives the impression (or illusion) of democracy.
MSM is in cahoots 100%

The same old Hegelian dialectic


Wouldnโ€™t you have to introduce an additional two parties?

I think parties should be done away with altogether. I would rather listen to individual people and their ideas, platforms and thinking on matters of importance for a better country and life for itโ€™s citizens, than listen to party propaganda, lies and half truths. Parties exist to gain power, wealth and control for individuals in said parties.

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2016 trump was more independent then a republican, but like all they need that money to spend on campaign media, and lawyer fees. Running for office has become more of a tv show than a place of reverence.

All political donations should be pooled and evenly distributed.

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In ancient Greece, citizens participated in politics directly. Of course their city states were much smaller scale.

Nonetheless, those who had the right to participate in politics were respectable citizens, not the likes of criminals, beggars (welfare recipients of today) and women

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The official original Twitter, hearings thread

Luna is one bad lady!

Letโ€™s be clear. The argument for censorship of SOME conservatives on social media platforms is that SOME conservative commentators spread hate speech, harassment, and misinformation, which violate the policies of these platforms. According to this argument, social media companies have a responsibility to enforce their policies and remove content that violates them, regardless of the political views expressed in the content.

What youโ€™re saying is new institutions in America no longer honor our constitution, which is a huge cultural shift, is that good for America? Maybe maybe not.
30 years ago you could argue in a private setting and say hey I have a first amendment right and everyone agreed, you said your peace and went home. Were Americans uneducated to the constitution or did we respect speech?

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No one disagrees that freedom of speech is a fundamental right that allows people to express their opinions; however, it is not without consequences.

People who speak out against the government or organizations may face legal action, public shaming, and even physical harm for their words. Itโ€™s just a fact of life and always has been.

Also, those who take advantage of this freedom to spread hate speech can be met with boycotts or even violence from opposing groups. While I agree that speaking freely is important for democracy and fostering open dialogue, it also has the potential to cause serious damage to individuals and society at large.

I mean almost all political violence comes from democrat run cities, and groups. The 1/6 were individuals protesting a clear unequal election. They didnโ€™t burn down cities, they showed up and told the truth and were attacked by capital police, after fbi and feds told them to go in to the capitol.

So should we ban left wing ideology from all platforms?