Twenty women go on group date with anonymous Mormon millionaire seeking a wife - but his idea of romance is a PowerPoint presentation and a non-disclosure agreement

2,500 women applied for the date with the anonymous millionaire on June 7 after he used a Mormon matchmaking agency and created huge billboard advertisement.

It featured a four-course dinner, group conversation and individual ‘mini dates’

There was also a presentation giving the reasons why he chose to use the agency

Each woman was given a necklace but only several were selected for follow ups

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Advertising that he was a millionaire ensured he got the absolute worst quality women. Enjoy your divorce rape, pal. Points for the presentation and NDA though.

How much does it cost to rent a billboard?

Dead broke, unemployed, non-practicing Catholic
seeks wife.

I’m absolutely certain I could get at least 2500 drop dead gorgeous women to apply for the position of wife.

Are silicon boobies included?