Turning Point USA Goes Full Cringe

And here was me thinking that drunk Glenn Beck shilling for porn was peak cringe.

What an innocent child I was.

This might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen.



What. In. The. Hell.

I’m surprised the entire audience didn’t die from embarrassment. And does anybody know what the chick in the costume was about? Was she supposed to be a dolphin, a whale, and orca, or what? And what did her costume have to do with…anything?

Painful. Just painful.

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She’s there to get the audience amped up about record low black unemployment numbers.

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Only thing that’s missing is live simulated gay sex on stage.

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Talk about ‘style over content’!!!
And LOTS of cocaiiiiiiiiiiiiine!
Their only way of countering America First is to just turn up the volume on stupid hypemonkey bullshit! You can tell (((they))) are running this show…

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Why was I just linked to some ghetto black rap concert?

Oh, this is “conservative” you say?

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It’s conservative™ because he’s got memes!

(Insert Picture with “I’ve Got Memes!” caption.)

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I saw that and I was waiting for actual memes afterwards…

I never received my memes… Not bad memes, good memes, or any memes actually…

Just blackish “Throw your hands in the ay-er… Like you just don’t care” monkeyshinery…

I didn’t understand the point of that video and I don’t really buy into the brand of conservatism that turning point USA pushes. It’s the same brand of conservatism that has been tried and that has failed multiple times. It’s great for selling books though because that’s all these talking heads ever seem to do.

Hopefully at this point the only thing TP USA can do is recruit people to the right, after which they quickly realize that TP’s version of conservatism is really just being a center leftist. It might be a good gateway for leftists but it is in no way shape or form actual conservatism.

The hat was OK; so not a total loss. That being said; if I wanted to waste the time & energy this consumed; it would be more entertaining to run my blender for 2 minutes & 20 seconds.