Turn that damn thing off. I will pay you

People hate CNN.
That’s the bottom line.
Why watch their crap?

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Some people hate CNN, some people hate Fox. That’s why they make chocolate AND vanilla…:man_shrugging:

The money-making move has inspired moments of human compassion and unity as travelers lend each other money or leave quarters behind atop the television sets for future travelers to turn off CNN.

CNN is protesting the move, saying it has cut their viewing audience in half, leaving them with just one.

People have tuned in, ergo they are tuning out :rofl:

You can’t cross CNN and Fox. It’s more like incest.

Don’t know what you mean by ‘cross’, but do you mean they are brother and sister programs?

Thanks for this, I didn’t know the onion had competition, that’s a good one. Nearby snack shops could cash in, too, giving travelers the option of throwing a pie in Stelter’s face.

Back in the 70’s there were real bars that had raffles to be able to throw a brick thru a TV when Howard Cosell was talking on Monday Night Football.

You know the mainstream media are run by the same crowd,
no matter which channel, station or paper.

LOL, Fox is a leader in viewership and CNN is on the bottom.

Either way, they can’t be all that influential, any of them. I think Fox has 1.4 and CNN 700K.

In a country of 330 million, that’s literally insignificant. :man_shrugging:

The breakdown doesn’t mean anything.
Their messages are basically the same.

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