Turkroaches Caught Smuggling 18 Grams of Highly Radioactive Californium

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a radioactive terror attack by now, as nuclear technology gets older, nuclear waste builds up and more Muslims flood into Europe and America. Probably just a matter of time. And it won’t be a fission attack but probably a dirty bomb which disperses toxic material and sickens survivors.

It’s not as hard to acquire radioactive material as you’d think. Lots of household products contain minute amounts of radioactive elements, from smoke detectors, to watches, to laterns. Muslims don’t need to spend tens of millions to acquire it or infiltrate a high level security clearance facility. Though I’m sure they could get some Saudi prince to foot the bill for this.

Fortunately any significant quantity of highly radioactive material requires a large container to transport it safely.

What does Muslims have to do with it. Criminal networks with suspected Russian ties are the main smugglers.

Who are they smuggling it to?

I was hoping they were smuggling it to the Palestinian territory, but this would be too advanced for them.

I have always wondered why the Palestinians never used old X-ray equipment, etc, to make a dirty “bomb” or just some aerial balloon that would scatter radioactive material over Israel. It would be nothing to worry about, in reality, but it would scare the poop out of Israelis and be a propaganda coup.

Because they are smart enough to know that if they did so “The Palestinian People” would cease to exist as an entity within a week.

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That would never happen because they know that Israel would have no compunction against vaporizing the whole of the Palestinian people, women, children, the elderly and ALL, for the act of a few…

They scream out in pain as they strike you.

That’s how it works when you go to war especially when that war is fought on your own soil.

Maybe you skipped past every major war in history wherein it’s always the civilian casualties that are the largest.