Turkey and Syria Earthquake Latest

The Earth quakes that have rocked both Syria and Turkey in recent days has now claimed close to 24,000 lives and that number is expected to rise as rescue efforts are still ongoing with many volunteers from all over the world offering their assistance in what ever way they can.

This is one of those disasters that is of historical proportions and the many souls lost and the many displaced and hurting are ones of a sobering thought that life is fragile and such events can strike anywhere at anytime. Part of the dichotomy of a troubled world. Prayers and thoughts of humanity coming together during crisis.

Devastating photos

Survivors are posting videos from underneath the rubble, begging to be saved

This tragedy shows why humanitarian assistance and disaster response is critical for communities around the world who are in need of basic resources and services. Not sure why Republicans are so against it.

Sucks for them, but it isn’t our problem. Parts of the US are so neglected and mismanaged that it looks like a disaster zone. If a country is unable to cope with its natural disasters, then it’s their responsibility to ensure a disaster of this magnitude doesn’t happen again.

I wonder who these two are that just decided to both post on the same day?..lol. Alias accounts, no doubt.

Where did you get that from? Indoctrination camp from MSM who told you to think that way? Do you even know or understand what Republicans stand for? Or rather and more appropriately conservatives?

Speaking of Republicans, along with Democrats supporting and giving billions to Ukraine you are OK with that I suppose? No?


I am not sure about that. I have seen the latter here before and is probably a coincidence.