Tulsi surfs in New Hampshire (Nipple alert!)

Tulsi out there catching some cold waves in N.H. and while doing so manages to attract a crowd! I wonder if it was the young ogling men looking to get a glimpse of her nipples through that wet suit she was wearing?

Gabbard reacts to hearing she's the very first presidential candidate to catch a wave in #FITN state New Hampshire.

"If we could go surfing every day, and bring everybody out, that'd be awesome."#nhpolitics pic.twitter.com/HttvdnkdlW

β€” Nicole Sganga (@NicoleSganga) January 1, 2020

Made you look! :rofl:

Nipples protruding in a winter wetsuit? Those must be some pepperoni slices lol



That video quickly sums up the entire condition of the modern western world.

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A lot of West coasters who have come East do this stupid shit. Whenever I see it I cross my fingers for an undertow. It is maximum cringe inducing.

I can’t imagine it. That must suck every time a event like this hits around election time.