Tulsi Gabbard Releases Video Calling for Everyone Across the Political Spectrum to Unite and Fight Big Tech’s Censorship

If I am correct this is the first Presidential campaign strategy of the current pool of Democrat contenders that has any appeal. The Democrats better watch out. Looks like Tulsi is focusing smartly.

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has released a new video calling for Americans from both sides of the aisle to unite and fight political censorship by the Big Tech monopolies.

Rep. Gabbard recently filed a $50 million lawsuit against Google for censoring her campaign’s ability to buy ads following the first Democratic primary debate when she was the most searched candidate.

“Join me in this fight to end big tech monopolies power to censor & undermine Americans’ freedom of speech—because whether we are progressives or conservatives, left or right, if we do not stand united to protect our freedoms, we all lose,” Rep. Gabbard tweeted.



She is acting like an old school Democrat. Instead of moving to the extreme left she is positioning herself as a reasoned centrist. As 2020 gets closer this is a smart move. I won’t vote for her but I say good luck going after Big Tech. She is right and I hope she wins her case.


Don’t be fooled she is a gun-grabbing Commie.


It’s a good message but I wouldn’t expect for a second for her to actually stick to it.

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Good ideas are not limited to the Right, or even impossible for the Left.

Hopefully, President Trump will realize this is a good idea and do it himself, since Tulsi Gabbard has zero chance of winning the election.

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Because she is now affected she jumps on the bandwagon to stop tech censorship?

It’s people in her party doing the censoring.

Democrats go hand in hand with Big Tech censorship. Either she’s larping or she’s the most naive, clueless person that’s ever tried to be the Democrat candidate. For this stance alone, if sincere, the DNC won’t let her win.

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The Democrats and Neocons all want censorship. So good luck with that.

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Tulsi is a very anti-American person. She is a subversive, fairly certain. And the entire “anti-war thing” is just objectively wrong and will literally doom America to death and subjugation at the hands of Muslims, commies and whoever the fuck else wants a piece of this western pie.

Oh yeah, and all of Europe and Canada and the rest of the West too, since we protect them all with our military.

Under a hypothetical Gabbard president, if we were to withdraw literally ALL forces abroad, commies and Muslims would overthrow the places we liberated and soon we’d have an invasion on our shores

Meh…you mouthbreathing 56%-ers keep Europe physically occupied with your troops while strangling re-armament efforts via legal pacts and strongarm tactics.

Please kindly do fuck off and spare us your ‘protection’. As well as any ‘freedom’ when we start cleaning house, especially of all the Washington-placed ZOG puppets occupying our governments.

Yet you continue to worship the phallic symbols of your Gods! Your complaining about America is only a masked symptom of your own failures of looking at yourself truthfully on what makes you unhappy in your life! You are not fooling anyone here! Complaining and blaming America will not solve your problems!

Just a simple “Thank You” for 60 years of post war freedom from Soviet Oppression would have sufficed.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.