Tucker releases the tapes! A full break down

Shocking development, and video never seen before is broken down, contradicts a democrat narrative , the January 6 committee.

Adam Kinzer, and Liz Cheney should be in jail

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Wow fox and friends has totally banned the breaking news, and real journalism this morning. So shameful. I been loyal to this this show. As I was a guest, but I will turn off.

Oh no buddy we ain’t stopping for you!

Tom Tillis says “ they should have formed a line and got in peacefully “

Ok so why fire canisters of gas in the chest of peaceful protesters?

Tarik is a patriot!


Will Fox News pull tuckers signal tonight? We await

DAMN right!

Finally something you can listen to and not worry about the big words like the, and, it.

And no Summary.

Don’t understand the rules???

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My words are on paper, yours ain’t. You copy and paste … pathetic

Folks this is the REAL tapes forum … welcome

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That was a great interview, thank you

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I’ll have a full breakdown of the shaman coming up

The DYNAMIC case of the SHAMAN, well he got screw by the feds and his lawyers. His Lawyers agreed to a term that doesn’t include an appeal. So the only way this guy gets out is if the judge relooks at the case. Which he won’t.

Judge Royce Lamberth should be embarrassed and ashamed that he succumbed to partisan Democrat pressure and sentenced Horn Man to 41 months for taking selfies on the Senate floor.

30 days?


Over 3 years?

What a (bad) joke.


Correct this (damn) injustice.

His best case is to wait for Trump to pardon him. Or our DOJ to bring the case back up, and dismiss.

We are living in a time the second amendment would protect us, but DC is a gun free zone, and now unfortunately protest free (if you’re a republican).

All we can do is write these guys in prison, like I been doing, but if you wrote shawnan and not shaman, I’d probably stick to fingering your self. Lol

Yup… that was a gripping, deep, insightfull breakdown, for sure! :joy:

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Don’t forget dynamite! Lol

I know you have some more adjectives for me

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At most the man “Shaman” trespassed. He was surrounded by police with guns, not once did they try to arrest him. Or stop him