Tucker Carlson: Leaders show no obligation to American voters


Here is a brief recap:

  • Romney is a financial pirate
  • The federal government elite is totally isolated from the people
  • More investment banking doesn’t make the country prosperous
  • GDP and economics is not the end all be all of a nation’s health
  • Blasts usury
  • Openly states that the father being the breadwinner is what makes families stay together and that government programs have destroyed that
  • Calls out marijuana use and drug degeneracy

Tucker seems to be getting more and more bold. If he keeps this up he probably doesn’t have much time left on the air. I think he should run for President in 2020. Where it’s apparent that Trump won’t act - someone like Tucker will.


Until we can have an honest talk about demographics, none of this shit matters. Its just killing time blowing hot air.

But I wish Tucker luck, maybe he’ll reach some Boomers, given thats pretty much all who still watches Fox News.

I don’t disagree with anything he said. I really liked how he went off about private equity and investment banking - which has truly destroyed America.

That was a beautiful segment.

I’m surprised the (((owners))) of Fox News let him get away with it. Then again, maybe it’s exactly the message that (((they))) want out there. Although I am struggling to understand why. Usury is their only means of survival. Without it, the shabbos goy are free to dominate the world again.

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Tying insurance to employment and people abusing insurance as if assurance is what created a big portion of the piles of cash seeking steady short term gains. Likewise the idea of these giant pension funds. The abuses of the bankers follows from things like that, they don’t precede them.

When not engaging in abuses often derived from said piles of money seeking short term gains in the hands of people who only live off of the churn: private equity has built this country.

Rent seeking by the investor / owner is good, that rent seeking is right, that rent seeking is American.

Even at the beginning so-called “progressivism” was opposed to everything this country was founded to be.

Did you watch the full video above? You are taking my statement out of context. My statement was related to Tucker’s position in the video.

Yes, private equity and business investment did build the United States. It’s when private equity and business started working against the interests of America that we ran into a problem.

Do you think the founders would have tolerated a bunch of banksters intentionally buying up smaller American companies to drain the equity and pension funds to line their own pockets and then move on to another small business…and another…and another? I think those people would have been strung up back in the day.

EDIT: when I say small business I mean small to medium-sized companies that employ dozens to hundreds of people.

Morganism is what it’s called when you buy enough of something to dismantle it, I believe. Sears is a recent victim of this apparently.

But after Morgan it took the progressives to make the next great abuse possible, the type that ultimately deemed making money by going out of business here and exporting manufacturing elsewhere a real thing.

The insurance companies and pension fund managers didn’t ultimately care where the returns came from and the bankers handling their accounts lived off of the churn and got paid win or lose.

Living off of the churn is the real culprit. Ditto money “products” like those behind the sub-prime bubble. That is the doings of a subtype of “investment banker”, the get rich quick shyster. Better class of investment bankers try to match up money with productive enterprises, not just other money.

What kind of country will be it be then? How do we want our grandchildren to live? These are the only questions that matter. The answer used to be obvious. The overriding goal for America is more prosperity, meaning cheaper consumer goods. But is that still true? Does anyone still believe that cheaper iPhones, or more Amazon deliveries of plastic garbage from China are going to make us happy? They haven’t so far. A lot of Americans are drowning in stuff. And yet drug addiction and suicide are depopulating large parts of the country. Anyone who thinks the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot.

Based and redpilled.

He’s obviously saying that (((capitalists))) and their cronies who sold out the country’s working class (via offshoring and mass migration) to international megacorps in the pursuit of short term profits have done the country a disservice.

I agree. …

The whole subprime thing was just money “investing” in debt (I.e. “Money”). That’s the thing with money “products” (that buy and sell debt) that don’t actually involve making things, or even buying things themselves: they ultimately will only be good for those who live off of the churn and the few who get in early, or at least leave early enough. Everyone else will, to some degree or another, get screwed.

Thus the urge to create money products is like the old song: forever blowing pretty bubbles in the air.

Here I will add something: don’t necessarily look to the Capitalists for the huge piles of swag looking for a short term gains to blame for this.

Look to the pension plans, even the idea of retirement for everyone itself that is behind them, or to insurance companies fat with cash because government essentially tied insurance to employment as a benefit beginning under FDR. Look to the consequences of progressivism that on the one hand needs steady returns on unattached money (in the hands of those mainly skilled in living off of the churn) and on the other make doing business at home more expensive.

False premise. Trump is fighting against an obstinate Congress and activist judges. He’s already accomplished more good things in his 27 months in office than Obama did in his 96.

Tucker would face the same obstinate Congress and judges should he try to continue draining the swamp. The swamp is still in charge of what gets done and who gets the benefit of it.

Bit of sleight of hand when he said Romney paid 14% effective tax rate and upper middle class workers paid 40%, leaving out the effective part. Also ignores the risk inherent in investment.

Sure, most of them read Adam Smith and were familiar with the concept of creative destruction. Healthy companies don’t fall to private equity firms. Someone mentioned Sears earlier, anyone think they really should still be in business?