Tucker Carlson has guest on that explicitly lays out the Left’s racial replacement electoral strategy, Tucker agrees

Tucker just had some retired colonel name Douglas MacGregor on as a guest to comment on CA new proposal to give illegals healthcare.

This guy said some things about that, and then got explicitly racial near the end of his interview, essentially calling out white genocide and saying that the “Left” has decided to abandon white people as an electoral strategy. He uses explicitly racial terms when talking about this.

I never thought I would see someone state our view this bluntly on cable TV. Let’s see if Tucker survives this. Here’s to hoping he does.

The whole interview starts at the 4:20 mark, but the good stuff starts at the 7:20 mark.


Tucker has been going hard lately. Last week he was advocating for national socialism.

Just watched the clip and holy shit. How did the they let this guy on the tv? Dude is LITERALLY talking about white genocide not using any euphemisms he literally mentioned whites.


Ingram had this happen last night as well. Lt. Gov went off about demographic replacement in Texas and the US.

Good part starts at 16:20 and goes to the 18:00 mark.


I don’t think it’s going to work out the way the Democrats think it will. Especially when the US citizenship question gets put on the 2020 US census and people find out just how small the legal populations are in certain states. These people they are bringing in here don’t vote in large numbers anyway. The ■■■■■■■ only turn out to vote in large numbers if there is a black candidate running. They keep bringing them in but they aren’t seeing an major increase in votes. The Democrats still depend on whites to vote for them. That’s something that is quickly coming to an end. Whites, especially the states in the Midwest are inching closer to becoming red states with each passing year.

37 states would still be majority white as well. The information from the 2020 US census should strip a lot of states of their seats in the Government and electoral college votes. Basically taking away their brown advantage.

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I disagree. Look at the population pyramid for each race in all the important Red or leaning red states that are electorally important.

According to CNN (gay, I know) exit polls white people are only 57% of the electorate in TX and 45% of the population. In FL whites are about 61% (including ■■■■ I assume). In AZ white’s electoral and demographic power are shrinking. In GA (16 votes) whites are about to become a minority, and only managed not to elect a semi-literate ape for Governor because the white candidate did what every white AG should do and purge the voters rolls before elections, as well as block voting by the whites in GA (75% voted R). Also, whites are older and dying off quicker relative to younger brown people who are more fecund.

So, unless the Republican’s have a plan to secure the entire Midwest and East Coast (states like PA, CT, NJ, MA etc) to compensate for these electoral losses, 2024 is the last numerically competitive federal election they’ll have.

Now that’s interesting…

Lol, people just won’t answer it. Nothing will change…

Incomplete questionnaires for the 2020 census, including those that leave the controversial citizenship question unanswered, will still be included in the upcoming U.S. head count, the Census Bureau’s top official confirmed Wednesday to lawmakers.