Tucker Carlson goes hard on "money lenders"

“Why would a society lionize and promote a class of people who lend money for a living…over people who actually make things?”

If you don’t feel like watching the whole video jump to 3:41

he makes some good points and some dumb points

good and dumb points on unemployment by race is a factor , but he is right also about not being somewhat relevant because Unemployment in the african american community is high, but its low with the Carribean, or those who emigrate from Africa as they will work any job and sometimes two or three even at minimum wage and there is a high number of these immigrants who prosper within a decade

so are the african american born here lazy? or at least some of them, as there are plenty of successful hard working african americans that the BLM matter idiots ignore

I like to know who is “they” that glorifies investment bankers, I rather see a kid go to a mediocre Ivy league school to earn a MBA or economics degree and get a job in the finance industry vs the average kid getting a useless degree with thousands of dollars of student loan debt and working retail

And its true we should be emphasizing more trade school and vocations, there are plenty of successful people in trade with limited debt doing fine and okay in life compared to the liberals arts graduate majoring in Transgender dance studies and history

Im curious on why Tucker mentioned “suicide” , that has nothing do with unemployment

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I think a lot of them are born lazy. I was born and raised in Vicksburg, MS. I think I can speak with some degree of authority on the matter. There are lots of reasons why they are lazy and there are just as many reasons why they’re stupid. The ones who seem to rise above it all are the ones who put Christ and family first.

I guess we can say that about most people though.

Vicksburg images of the Civil and holding out comes to mind! I have to reread that chapter

Tucker Carlson Blasts Republicans, Praises Bernie Sanders And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“High interest rates exploit the weak. Credit card debt destroys people — not just chronically irresponsible people, but good people, decent people. Probably some people you know. Maybe a lot of people you know.”

Is he naming the ■■■ or becoming a leftist? I can’t tell.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong or incorrect with what he pointed out.

Carlson is an economic populist disguising himself as a conservative, he isn’t a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.

Supporting AOC and Sanders bill is proof of it.

What he doesn’t see is AOC and Sanders attempt is to have government legislate their constituents poor financial knowledge and to protect themselves against themselves.

This is the problem with today education, the lack of financial education, most of these people live on their credit card, they spend more time planning their vacations vs taking the time for financial education.

I bet more people knows who won the last 5 superbowls, the last 5 world series and Nascar vs taking an finance class 101 and learning the basic of finance.

Do they think lowering the interest rate on the credit card will make them more financially secure?

How about learning to live within your means like they did the in old days

I have 2 credit cards and one of them the interest rate is 18.99% , many people say why not lower it to 9.99% or lower and I said why would I?

I don’t carry a balance so the rate doesn’t matter , and the other one is Amex Platinum, and you cant carry a balance, and I use my card every month and pay it off every month

I dont live on my cards but use them to maintain a high FICO score.