Trumputin is awarding medals of freedom

Well donnie trumputin is awarding medals of freedom to Jordan and nunes… two of his groupies
the the house of rep…hahahahahahaha that just shows donnie is at the 5 level of mental illness
Jordan is a child molester…and nunes spent years in a institution for pathetics…

Of coarse donnie is molester himself…ivanka has a lot to tell… and I heard donnie and jordon were sharing experiences…that’s what the retrumpliCON party is now… a gaggle of red necks that think incest should be in the bill of rights…so sad

Stop the steal ! Trump won

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You need to put your post under your pillow for the TOOTH FERRY… maybe you
can make some sense of it then…because people with brains know you fools are
not only that but dumb really dumb retrumpliCONS minions…you need to go clean your lips…

Why did Biden cancel the parade? Hmm